Weird and wacky Bird & Blend Tea Co. blends

Weird and wacky Bird & Blend Tea Co. blends

Our top 5 weirdest flavoured teas as voted by our fans and customers!

You've been asking for a while now and we've finally done it: bacon flavoured tea! Not just bacon though - bacon and maple syrup pancake tea! Oh boy! We've paired sweet vanilla rooibos with smoked lapsang and a hint of spicy chipotle to create a menage of flavours that will always hit the spot! 

1. Maple Bacon Pancakes tea

Maple Bacon Pancakes Tea

2. Hot Mama Jama (chili and lime green tea)

Hot Mama Jama (Chilli and Lime) Tea

3. Candy Floss tea

Candy Floss Tea

4. Hot Cross Bun tea

Hot Cross Bun Tea

5. Eggnog tea - COMING SOON!

Hot Cross Bun Tea Latte Recipe Tasty and naturally decaf Hot Cross Bun tea latte recipe! Tasty, decaf tea latte recipe!

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