Vegan Lemon Sherbet tea jammy dodgers

Vegan Lemon Sherbet tea jammy dodgers

Wowza! These vegan jammy dodgers made with our Lemon Sherbet tea are just so much fun!

Serves: 6

What you will need:

Shortbread Biscuits

  • 200g sunflower spread
  • 100g unrefined caster sugar
  • 300g plain flour
  • 1tsp vanilla extract

Coconut Cream Filling

  • 2tbsp coconut milk

What to do:

How to make the lemon curd

1. Brew your Lemon Sherbet tea withwarm water. Warm water can easily be achieved by adding 1 part cold water and 4 parts hot water (the warm water prevents the green tea from burning and tasting bitter.) After brewing for 3 minutes, strain and set aside.


2. Zest and juice the two lemons into a bowl. With another bowl, add the 1tbsp of cornflour and add a few tablespoons of the lemon juice and zest, mixing until you get a smooth consistency. Set aside. 


3. Put the left over lemon juice and zest into a saucepan, along with 125g of unrefined caster sugar, the brewed Lemon Sherbet tea and bring to the boil. Once boiled, leave to simmer on a low heat.


4. Into the same saucepan add 1tbsp of creamed coconut, 1 tbsp of sunflower spread and the lemon cornflour mixture and whisk so that no lumps are left. Keep stirring until the lemon curd has thickened, which should take about 10 minutes.


5. Leave to cool, then pop the lemon curd into the fridge and leave to set for a few hours or overnight.


Lemon Sherbet Jammy Dodgers

How to make the biscuits

1. Mix together 200g of sunflower spread and 100g of unrefined caster sugar to get a creamy consistency.


2. Add 1 tsp of vanilla extract and 300g of plain flour to the mixture and mix all the ingredients together until you get a doughy ball. Wrap the dough in some cling film and pop into the fridge for 30mins to 1 hour. In the meantime, pre-heat the oven to 150c.


3. Once chilled, roll out the biscuit dough onto a floured surface to about 1/2 cm thick and stamp out twelve biscuits. Stamp out a small hole in the middle of six of the biscuits.


4. Place the cut dough onto a non-stick baking tray (or a baking tray with baking paper) and leave to bake for 12-14 minutes. Make sure to keep an eye on the biscuits and ensure an even bake for all of the biscuits.


5. Once baked, leave to cool on the baking tray for 5 minutes before moving to the cooling rack.


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How to assemble the Lemon Sherbet jammy dodgers

1. Whip up two tablespoons of chilled coconut milk until it's stiff and put into a piping bag.


2. Take the biscuits without any holes and pipe 6-7 rosettes of coconut cream on each one, enough to form a circle.


3. Grab your cool lemon curd and put a teaspoon into the middle of the rosettes. Now take your biscuits with holes and place one gently on top of the coconut cream and carefully push down.


4. Dust your lemon sherbet jammy dodgers with some icing sugar and enjoy! 


Everything you need for this recipe:

Here are some of the ingredients you need for the Lemon Sherbet jammy dodgers. What about experimenting with some of our other products? You could incorporate our Lemon Matcha powder into the curd to give it a healthy boost, or how about drizzling some Brighton Raw Honey over the biscuits to sweeten the zingy lemon?

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