ChariTEA: The tea that helps us give back

ChariTEA: The tea that helps us give back

ChariTEAble giving!

When we set up Bird & Blend back in 2013, we knew we wanted to create a company that gave back to the world and the communities that we worked within. As all of our team and customers know, people mean a great deal to us at Bird & Blend- so we choose a charity to support each quarter that is close our hearts and helps the people around us. 


Each quarter our customers and our team members send us recommendations for charities or charitable causes that they would like to support. Then, as a team, we decide which one becomes our ChariTEA of the quarter. During this time, all of the money that we make from the sales of our ChariTEA tea blend go to straight to that charity or cause. 

This quarter's ChariTEA is...

Refugee Support

Who we have supported so far...

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Want to recommend someone for our next ChariTEA?

If you know a great cause that you think we can support through our ChariTEA sales then please get in touch by sending us an email to [email protected]

There aren't any rigid conditions, but we do try to support causes that are close to either one of our team members or customer's hearts for a specific reason. If you have something in mind, send them our way! 

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