Raspberry leaf tea: The ultimate pregnancy tea

Raspberry leaf tea: The ultimate pregnancy tea

Drinking raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy will keep you happy and relaxed during pregnancy, labour and during the post-natal period.

Raspberry leaf was once known as "the woman's herb", or the pregnancy tea! It’s known for aiding hormone imbalance, stress, and menstruation relief. It has superhero qualities as a pregnancy tea for its ability to gently soothe aches, pains and tension during pregnancy as well as relieving nerves and stress.


Raspberry leaf tea also strengthens the pelvic region in preparation for birth, during birth (yep, some lovely ladies even have a cuppa right in the middle of the show!), and it helps to reduce vaginal tearing.


You'll find more great qualities from Raspberry leaf in tea, even after birth. During the post-natal period, it helps to heal any tearing or damage, and restore balance too.


New mums will find Raspberry leaf tea a massive help for a little boost of energy, for relief in vaginal dryness and, as mentioned above, it is a powerful source of soothing for all PMS related conditions.


We have two blends to offer you Teabirds, one with caffeine and one herbal. Some ladies choose to cut caffeine out of their diet during pregnancy, but both choices are perfectly OK. Just remember a smart rule, whether you've got a bun in the oven or not - everything in moderation.


Enchanted Narnia is a heavenly herbal tea of rose, cocoa, raspberry leaf and lemongrass. This blend is naturally caffeine-free and contains nothing but nourishing herbs. The rose in this infusion also helps to relax an upset stomach and help with insomnia.


Vicky's Sponge Cake is a delicious blend of Ceylon black tea (caffeinated), vanilla, raspberries and raspberry leaf. It's smooth, delicately sweet and works well with and without milk.


Both of these blends have plenty of raspberry leaf in to help you in preparation for birth. 1-3 cups a day is plenty, but be sure to monitor how you feel and what works for you.


We have other tea blends that aren't geared towards pregnancy specifically, but can be a helpful aid in reducing ailments such as nausea and anxiety.


Check out our blog post on our 5 best teas for pregnancy.

Check out our raspberry leaf filled blends and let us help make your pregnancy just that little bit easier!

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