Our Top 5 Best Ginger Teas

Our Top 5 Best Ginger Teas

At Bird & Blend we love our spices, and ginger is up there with one of our faves! We've chosen our top 5 best ginger tea blends that we think ginger tea drinkers will love! 

Our Top 5 Ginger Teas

If you don't see a blend you can check out the rest of our ginger tea collection!

Gingerbread Chai

We have our Nordic neighbours to thank for the tradition of gingerbread and here at Bird & Blend - we LOVE gingerbread! Gingerbread Chai is one of our most popular and best-selling teas of all times (and award-winning). We use it to make our famous Festival Chai (Glastonbury goers, you will know!).

gingerbread chai

 Ingredients: Rooibos, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, mallow flowers, flavour.



‘How can I even find words for this tea? It is INCREDIBLE in every way. Gorgeously rich gingerbread flavour, satisfyingly spicy, and great with or without milk. There's a long finish, with a spice that lingers in your mouth afterwards, prolonging the pure bliss it evokes. This truly could be the best tea I've ever had.’

The Digester

The Digester is Bird & Blend's amazing digestive blend, developed especially with those suffering from IBS, bloating + sluggish metabolisms in mind. We promise this tea will kick your pesky gut into gear and calm your stomach.

FUN FACT: This blend used to be called Skinny Minny!


Ingredients: Chinese pu'erh tea, Chinese oolong tea, ginger, orange, ginseng, fennel.


Barry Stewart:

‘Love this tea the ginseng and ginger combo give it a lovely warmth. It makes a fantastic light and flavourful brew to calm the body and add a little zing to your morning, highly recommended.’

Morning Kick

Wake up to sunshine on your face all year round with this energy boosting citrus tea blend. It's said Mate gives you a boost equal to caffeine but without the crash later. Morning Kick is light and refreshing, with a kick of ginger, it's a supercharged take on the classic lemon ginger.


morning kick

Ingredients: Mate, lemongrass, lemon verbena, ginger, lemon peel, calendula.



‘Morning Kick- is delicious and a great wake me up. I’ve been drinking it nearly every morning and I still have loads left. It has a lovely ginger and lemon taste that really makes you feel awake and ready for the day.’

Ginger Beer

This Caribbean classic, Ginger Beer, is here to set your taste buds on fire! Packed with flavour, punch + fruity freshness but with a cooling creamy lime finish. Perfect hot or iced, with a splash of spiced rum and a lime wedge! 


FUN FACT: This was a limited edition blend in the summer of 2017 but our Teabirds loved it so much they voted it back into the permanent collection


Ingredients: Rooibos, ginger, lime leaves, lemon peel, calendula petals, natural flavouring.



‘This is so spot on, to me it tasted exactly as described. A top tip? brew some and leave it in the fridge to cool, add some lemonade and boom!! a super refreshing drink!!’

Gingernut Matcha

Our Gingernut Matcha tastes like a gingernut biscuit in a mug! It’s even tastier with some milk when made into a latte. This matcha has converted so many Teabirds to matcha (don’t believe us? Check out the review from Teabird, Sophie, below).

iced gingernut matcha

Ingredients: Japanese matcha green tea, ginger, cinnamon, natural flavour granules, chilli.



‘I detest matcha, horrible stuff. But yet again Bird & Blend Tea Co have succeeded in making matcha nice! Lovely warm undertones of chilli and ginger. I drink it with almond milk and some agave syrup. Yum. Even got my friends to try and buy from you too!’

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