Jasmine Tea: Food Allergies And Hypersensitivity Conditions

Jasmine Tea: Food Allergies And Hypersensitivity Conditions

We have some fascinating information about Jasmine Tea in relation to food allergies and hypersensitivity disorders as it's said that these conditions can be treated efficiently with cooling herbs! A cooling herb is an herb that has the ability to soothe symptoms such as inflammation, appetite loss, sleep problems, spasm conditions and slowing down overreactions to factors that might irritate your body. It is said that the cooling effect relaxes tension and dilutes acidity resuming balance in the body. Jasmine is a perfect example of this!                          

So What Are The Benefits Of Jasmine Tea + Why Drink It?

When Jasmine is dried and consumed as tea the cooling abilities of this plant are said to soothe anxiety, general agitation, restlessness and insomnia as well as soothing symptoms that come about from allergies. If you choose to consume a food product that you are allergic to now and then (assuming its damage is maintainable) drinking plenty of Jasmine Tea could be very beneficial to keeping the reactions minimal. 

Which Jasmine Tea Is Good?

At Bird & Blend our lovely blend Nearly Nirvana, a silver needle tea with Jasmine blossoms, is just divine and the perfect tea for soothing reactions to food or other factors that your body just can’t hack. We also have a Jasmine Tea Collection that you can look through and find your new fave jasmine tea!

Try One Of Our Jasmine Teas:

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