Hygge and Tea

Hygge and Tea

Hygge is huge, despite the media constantly telling us that something will take its place. However, it seems that as a trend it’s still very much alive- all snuggly socks, big books, roaring fires… and huge cups of tea, of course! At Bird & Blend, we reckon we can help you achieve hygge quicker than you can pronounce it (it’s ‘hue-gah’, FYI.)


The idea of hygge comes from Denmark and, at its simplest, is about enjoying the moment- spending time with good friends, good food and a cosy atmosphere. In Britain, we’ve interpreted this as comfy and special moments, either alone or with friends. Type #hygge into Instagram and you’ll be confronted with images of fairy lights, knitting and warm drinks. It’s definitely quite appealing, especially when you consider that we’re all more aware of the importance of self care in a busy world.


The UK's first Herbfield blend: Meadow

So how can Bird & Blend help you hygge? Well, we have loads of soothing, tasty blends that you can enjoy alone or share with friends:

Gingerbread Chai: this is the ultimate comfort blend, especially when made into a latte. Warm and spicy, with just enough sweetness, it’s a hug in a mug!


Nearly Nirvana: this calming tea is perfect for when you just need a moment of calm in a busy world. Make a mug, curl up with a book and just… dream.


Enchanted Narnia: Turkish Delight is definitely indulgent and perfect for hygge- so have some fun with this beautiful herbal infusion!


Lady Lavender: teas for hygge should be a little bit special in our opinion and we think that this twist on the classic Earl Grey, with soothing lavender, is perfect for a cosy, candlelit night in.


We’re sure you’ll have your favourite hygge tea! Whatever it is, pull on your fluffiest socks, light a few candles and curl up on the sofa with a good cuppa. Skål!


Explore our teas to find your perfect hygge heaven- and don't forget we have all the teaware you need to make a perfect cup of tea!

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