How to get a job as a Tea Mixologist

How to get a job as a Tea Mixologist

How To Apply...!

This article will let you know how to get a job as a Tea Mixologist at our stores, including our upcoming Bristol store. We may have other vacancies view our current vacancies please see our jobs page!

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1. We strongly recommend you only apply if you can honestly answer yes to the following statements about yourself: 'I am a people person and I am totally comfortable talking to strangers', 'I am a passionate person,  and I champion things I truly believe in', 'I am flexible and able to cope well with change and fast paced, sometimes chaotic environments', 'I am exceptional and I am looking for something exceptional.' 

2. If this sounds like you please send over a basic cv, making sure that it includes any relevant experience, contact details and note what you are looking for in terms of working hours and availability. 

3. It would also help to prepare a covering letter (maximum 1 page please) covering the following points: a. Do you have any relevant experience based customer service experience?  b. Which of our products are your favourite and why? c. Tell us about a promotional launch idea that you have for the shop.  d. How would you go the extra mile to add a little something special to a customer's day? 

4. We are looking for candidates with transferable skills, so if you are wanting to be considered for an additional role, see below- please tell us what skills you have that make you ideal for the role and provide examples of work if applicable.

5. Please send all the above to [email protected] and good luck!  

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