How to Make Festival Chai Recipe

How to Make Festival Chai Recipe

Our Festival Chai always goes down a hit and people are eager for the recipe so they can make it at home. Well we've listened, and decided to share our top secret recipe with our Teabirds... You're welcome!

Serves: 1

What you will need:

What to do:

The quick / easy way: 


1. Combine two Perfect Teaspoons of your Gingerbread Chai Tea with 100ml of boiling water and leave to steep for 5 minutes. 


2. Heat up 300ml of a milk of your choice in the microwave for 1 minute, on high. If you like to stay away from the microwave (or don't have one), you can bring it to a boil in a saucepan over medium-high heat. 


3. Once your milk is hot, add it to your freshly brewed Gingerbread Chai and give it a good stir. You could even add a bit of frothy milk on top, to make it a latte, by using our Latte Milk Frother.


4. Sprinkle your delicious Gingerbread Chai with cinnamon.


5. Enjoy!


The proper / on-the-stove way: 


1. Add four Perfect Teaspoons of your Gingerbread Chai Tea with a mug-full of milk (at festivals we use oat milk) and stir in well.


2. Add cinnamon sticks, powder or syrup (whichever you desire) to your desired spice level. Keep stiring!  


3. Add a sweetener, if desired (we use honey at festivals) - note that 'proper' chai is supposed to be super milky, super sweet & slightly spiced! Keep stirring! 


4. Once you start to see small bubbles appearing on the side of the pan your chai is ready! Pour your chai through a sieve or strainer (to remove the leaves) into your favorite mug. Sprinkle your delicious Gingerbread Chai with cinnamon if desired!


5. Enjoy!


Everything you need for this recipe: