Coronavirus: A Message From Our Founders

Coronavirus: A Message From Our Founders
Update re. online orders - 20/4/20
We are working as hard as we can to get all orders out as quickly as possible but both we, and Royal Mail (along with most couriers) are experiencing some delays.
In regards to Royal Mail / Courier delivery we are aware that Royal Mail are operating with severe delays. Currently we are seeing only 40% of first-class orders delivered next day, where we would usually expect almost all to be.  Around 40% are still not delivered 3 days after shipment and some are taking significantly longer than this.  We really appreciate your patience & understanding with this, being out of our control, but we have made some changes to try and make things easier for you. 

We are slightly behind in the packing of your orders (2 - 3 days, rather than our usual 1 day turnaround) as we have taken steps to keep our team safe - detailed below - but we have increased our fulfilment zone to 7 days per week and all delayed orders are being shipped first class to try to make up some time on our end.

Our top priority is making sure that our team is safe and happy so we have put the following measures into place:

- Our team is now working in several smaller teams that work independently to prevent individuals from needing to be in contact with those beyond their close workmates.

- We have limited the number of people allowed in each department at any time to ensure that we can maintain proper distancing within the teams.

- We are deep cleaning all departments every time the teams change over and have increased our cleaning programmes across the board with handwashing in particular happening at least every hour.

- We have reduced the overall working hours (but not pay) of all of those across our warehouse, production and fulfilment to make sure that they are not getting worn out as well as reducing the frequency that they need to travel outside of their home.

- We are not running any evening shifts which would require team members travelling after dark.

- We are working with team members depending on their particular personal circumstances to ensure that those who would be safer not working do not feel compelled to, and are provided for financially.

- We have PPE, cleaning products, santiser, disposable thermometers etc. available for team members to use as required.

- All of those who can work from home, are doing so.

Whilst we know this is causing us to run slower than usual, we hope our customers will appreciate that we are doing everything that we can do to reduce this time, whilst keeping everyone safe.  We will post updates here going forward and really appreciate your patience. 


Our people, on both sides of the counter are the most important thing to us at B&B


Throughout this incredible journey, over the last 7 years we have been committed to spreading happiness through tea, enabling empowered & passionate employees & giving back to the world around us. Many of you have helped us build this fantastic CommuniTEA and we couldn’t be more grateful. 


Over the past few weeks, we have been following government advice closely but remained confident that the best course of action was for our high street stores to remain open, business as usual as best we could (whilst keeping safe). We believe that was the best way to continue to support the communities around us, as well as our teams. We were attempting to keep giving our customers the opportunity to purchase something that might provide a little joy in some otherwise stressful times.  


However, our main priority has been to keep all of our team and customers safe both physically and mentally and it has become increasingly difficult to do this. Following conversations with our retail teams, we have made the very difficult decision to temporarily close our stores until we feel it is safe to welcome you back.


We’ll be making sure to look after all of our store teams during this time, and you’ll still be able to chat to lots of the people you see in stores via our social media and other channels.  Please keep your eyes on our emails as we have lots of ideas on how we can stay in touch that we’ll be putting in place in the coming days! 


Our website is up and running as usual, so if you want to treat yourself to our new Easter collection (Cream Egg is a must!) stock yourself up, or send a gift to a friend who’s stuck at home then you can do at


We are monitoring and reacting to the situation as it develops and will keep you updated as things change for the better. Our business is taking some solace in the fact that the whole world is in this together & now is the time to be a family, more than ever. We’ve also been encouraging our teams to think about the opportunities we have ahead of us, both for the business and for the planet as we come out the otherside. Let’s build a community we want to be a part of. 


Before you go, check out our daily ‘Hug in a Mug’ on our social media, where we shout out to someone / people who deserve our thanks. Massive hugs go out to everybody affected and all of those on the frontline working hard to keep our nation moving - from the entire of the NHS, to home care workers, teachers & our amazing postal service. You are the heart and soul of this nation and we appreciate you. If you’d like to nominate someone to get a daily ‘Hug in a Mug’ from us please let us know and we will sort it! 


Thank you for all of your support.  It means the world to us that we have such an amazing group of customers as well as the best team on the planet.  


Our mission to spread happiness through tea will continue - x 1000! So as we work out new ways to keep in touch with you, inspire, educate & entertain, don’t be strangers, you can still reach us on instagram, facebook, twitter, email, live chat and phone and will want to sit and chat tea more than ever before!


Thank you in advance for all your support & understanding. Keep safe, be kind & we can’t wait to share a cuppa with you again real soon. 


Love & Tea, as always. 


Krisi & Mike


B&B Co-Founders

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