ChariTEA: ThinkForward

ChariTEA: ThinkForward

As you know, we choose a new chariTEA every quarter, they choose a blend that reflects them, or what they support and we donate the profits of the blend to them!


This quarter (April 2020 to June 2020) our chosen chariTEA is ThinkForward who are a charity that was started to help prevent the next generation of youth unemployment in areas of the UK that most need support.


The tea they have chosen as their blend is Mint Choc Rooibos. So, every penny of profit from this blend from April to June will be donated to ThinkForward! 


At ThinkForward we believe every young person deserves a better and brighter future. We empower young people facing challenges in their lives to develop their skills and access opportunities to help them on their own path to employment. Each young person has a ThinkForward coach who has a deep understanding of their needs and any difficulties they may be facing. Our coaches build trusted relationships with young people, supporting them for the long-term, from age 13 – 18, through one-to-one coaching, group work and activities to experience the world of work. We enable young people to grow their confidence and resilience, realise their strengths and dreams, and work towards their career goals.


‘My coach taught me that not every issue is an issue, sometimes it’s just a bump in the road. Through the work I’ve done with my coach I’ve articulated the goals that I want and how I’m going to get there. I want to be a midwife and right now I’m stepping up the ladder to become that. I’m much more resilient. I feel like I can face anything that’s going to hit me. Now I feel like my future is very bright.’ – Cuba, ThinkForward graduate.


ThinkForward supports young people local to Bird & Blend stores in London, Nottingham and Kent. They also work in the West Midlands. To find out more or to get involved please visit or contact Aimee on [email protected] Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ThinkForwardUK

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