ChariTEA: Team Domenica

ChariTEA: Team Domenica

As you know, we choose a new chariTEA every quarter, they choose a blend that reflects them, or what they support and we donate the profits of the blend to them!


This quarter (January 2020 to March 2020) our chosen chariTEA is Team Domenica. Team Domenica is working to remove barriers to work for people with learning disabilities.  


The tea they have chosen as their blend is Mocha Chai. So, every penny of profit from this blend from January to March will be donated to Team Domenica! 

Team Domenica

Team Domenica's mission is to help young people with learning disabilities discover their career potential, to create more employment opportunities and to remove barries to work in local communities.


 Some key stats:

  • 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disability.
  • 94% of them are UNEMPLOYED!
  • Those with learning disabilities that are unemployed face increased health risks, social exclusion and isolation. 


Team Domenica operates through a unique three-tier set-up of Training Centre, Training Cafe (Cafe Domenica) and Employment Centre. They have already achieved an outstanding 70% employment rate through their supported internship programme!


Here at Bird & Blend, we have taken on intern, Johnathon, from Team Domenica who is now employed by us and is a member of our warehouse team. We've seen first-hand the impact this programme can have on individuals and we want to support Team Domenica so they can continue the amazing work that they do!

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