The Best Natural Hay Fever Remedies!

The Best Natural Hay Fever Remedies!

It really seems like now the sun is out, everyone is swapping their homes for the beach and outdoors, but there is still a group of people who can't get rid of the tissues, eye drops, sniffling and sneezing. Calling ALL hay fever sufferers! If you've ever wondered about simple and easily accessible natural remedies for your hayfever, then look no further!

Bird & Blend have come up with some natural hayfever remedies that will be beneficial to you and your health...we've also added a few of our special blends in there too!


Gingerbread Chai

 Ginger is a great source for relief from hayfever symptoms. Whilst being one of the most effective natural home remedies, its powerful natural anti-inflammatory property helps reduce nasal swelling!


Our teas which contain Ginger:

- Sticky Chai

- Coco Chai No.5

- Gingerbread Chai


Peppermint Cream

Peppermint is one of those natural hayfever remedies that always seems to be overlooked and it's such a shame because of its amazing qualities! Peppermint hels to unclog the sinsuses and has been seen to treat scratchy throats. What a relief!


Our teas which contain Peppermint:

- MojiTEA

- Kung Flu Fighter

- Peppermint Cream

Green Tea!

Ankara Apple - Green Tea

Caffiene can really affect your hayfever badly, so we would recommed drinking Green Tea! Green Tea is known to boost your immune system and acts as a natural anti-histamine! Get stocked up!


Our Green Teas:

- Gingersnap Green

- Ankara Apple

- Chinese Treasures


Interested in some of the loose leaf blends mentioned in this blog?

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