How to make matcha in 5 easy steps

How to make matcha in 5 easy steps

Make matcha green tea powder without a whisk - the easy way!

1. Take between 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of matcha powder p/cup.  (This is down to personal preference on how strong you like your matcha, it is best to experiment!)


2. Add 50ml (ish) of just below boiling water (around 80 degrees) – this is important, you must not burn the powder or it will taste bitter. If you’re not sure, too cool is better than too hot!


3. Mix in a W shape, using an aerated frother whisk, a kitchen whisk or a fork. Make sure you whisk well and get rid of all lumps, getting all the matcha from around the cup or any that might be stuck at the bottom. This is important too, if you don’t mix well your matcha will taste chalky or lumpy.


4. Once you have a liquid paste texture top up your cup with 80 degree water, stiring as you go.


5. Enjoy!


Top Tip: If you prefer to use orange juice or milk (hot or cold) instead of water for step 4 you can do!

The traditional way to make matcha - with a bamboo tea whisk

Follow our easy steps to prepare matcha as a hot cup of tea below. Matcha is a green powder, traditionally made from ground Japanese green tea leaves. As matcha comes in a powder form it needs to be whisked with water, or milk, in order to drink it. Don't worry if you don't have any specialist or expensive equiptment, preparing your own matcha doesn't have to be a complicated task. Our quick and easy steps will help you make the perfect matcha everyday. 

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