Boxing Day Sale Customer FAQs

Boxing Day Sale Customer FAQs

Our famous Boxing Day Sale is coming, Teabirds! ✨


So whilst Santa’s Tea Elves are busy getting everything ready we thought we would share some important info with you to get you prepped for the big day! 


Don't worry if your wait time seems high, grab a cuppa whilst you wait and be assured there will be plenty of discounts still when you enter. 
Your place in the queue is safe whilst your browser is open & when it is your turn you'll have 10 mins to click through to the website. Once on the website you can spend as long as you need on there.
We're using a queue this year to make sure that everyone gets a chance to shop all of our sale items without causing a mad dash or anything selling out too fast!

When Is The Sale?

8am on Saturday 26th December until Midnight on Tuesday 29th December (UK Time).

What Discounts Are Available?

There are a range of discounts available starting at 10% up to 70% off. Plus free UK & international shipping on all orders, which will apply automatically at checkout.


Where Can I Access The Sale?

The sale will go live on our website at 8am on Boxing Day and we will email our waiting list first (please see below).

How Do I Secure The Best Deals?

The ‘hottest’ items may sell out within hours! To make sure you don’t miss out on the best deals, sign up here to receive an email to notify you the moment the sale goes live!

How Does The Free Shipping Work?

During the sale period Free Shipping will be automatically available on anything you buy. 


You will need to select the free shipping option called Free Shipping 2-3 Working Days’ which is the last option at the checkout page!

How Long Will My Items Take To Ship?

‘Free Shipping’ sale items will be sent via economy post which will usually take 3-5 days for UK deliveries and 5-8 days for International deliveries but please be aware that due to Covid-19  and bank holidays shipping may take slightly longer than normal.

What If The Site Gets Too Busy To Shop?

We know we let some of you down during our July Sale when our website couldn’t cope with all of you excited shoppers! So this time we have a virtual queue waiting room in place that will kick in if too many people are trying to get in at once.

Virtual Queue Waiting Room

Here are some simple tips to get you from the waiting room onto the site as quickly as possible:

- If our website gets super busy, you will automatically be entered into our virtual waiting room.

- You will be able to see what number you are in the queue and how long you will need to wait before you can start shopping the sale. 

- So time to grab a quick cuppa but make sure you keep your browser open, so you keep your place in the queue! Please do not refresh this page, the countdown will progress on its own!

- Once you get to the front of the queue, you will have 10 mins to click and enter the site. To make it fair on other people waiting, it's important you log on within this time otherwise or you will have to start again at the beginning of the queue.

- Yesss, you're in! Once you have entered the site, you will have as much time as you need to browse the sale and pick up those Tea-riffic bargains! 

If you need any assistance whilst queuing, you won’t be able to use live chat in the waiting room, but you can still reach out to our TEAbirds via socials or on the phone at  01273 325 523.

So I’m Dying To Know, What's In The Sale?

Haha, we thought you might ask and we have a little bit of a sneak peak for you, courtesy of our not-so-secret squirrel… this year's sale will include:

- Movie Night Xmas teas: Movie Rebels, Poppin Xmas, Mr Frosty!

- Fan faves: Bonfire Toffee, Rhubarb & Custard and Peppermint Cream PLUS brand new lemon & ginger blend: Zig-a-Zing-Ahh!

- Special edition hero lines such as Banana Bread Chai & Raspberry Apple Pie!

- Plus a limited selection of matcha teas: Maca Mocka, Monster Maca, Nordic Berry and Peaches & Cream!

Will Teaware Be Included?

Sadly no teapots or cold brews will be included this year but there will be some matcha tea tools so keep an eye out! 

How So I Contact You If I Need Some Help?

The sale will be an incredibly busy time but do not fear our Teabirds will be on hand to help you throughout. The best way to get in touch with them during the busy sale period is via our social media pages, via telephone or live chat. 


Our telephone number is: 01273 325 523 and our Teabirds will be available from 7.30am-6pm Boxing Day, 9am-5.30pm on Sunday 27th, 8.30am to 8pm on Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th December.


Please note that during the busy sale time, it may take us slightly longer for us to get back to you via email so if it is sale related please use social media direct messaging, phone or live chat to get in touch.


Can I Use Other Discount Codes On Top Of Sale Items?

Unfortunately, no other discount codes will not be valid to use on top of sale items.

I Wanted Something But Now It Is Out Of Stock?

If you are interested in a line that has gone out of stock, please get in touch with us. Whilst we do not have any plans to restock sale items, if any xmas miracles do happen we will get back in touch with you to let you know! 

Can I Amend Or Combine More Than One Order After I Have Placed It?

Unfortunately this will not be possible and once orders are placed they will be shipped separately.

Can I Hold Sale Items In My Basket While I Browse For Other Items?

Any sale items in your basket are not confirmed until the order has been fully processed.


If any items go out of stock before your order is confirmed, then the ‘Place your Order’ button will be greyed out and you will have to remove the out of stock items before you can complete the rest of your order.

Help, I Can’t Check Out?

This could be because something in your basket has gone out of stock. If the button has gone grey then you will need to remove any out of stock items. Please jump on our live chat & our team will help you figure out which products are out of stock.

Can I Cancel My Order?

If the order has not yet shipped we will be able to cancel and refund your order right away but if it has been shipped, we may be able to offer you a refund in exchange for returning the goods to us. Our Teabirds will be able to help you with this.

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