Best Teas For Relaxing/Sleep

Best Teas For Relaxing/Sleep

Something we always get asked is 'what teas are good for sleep' or 'what would you recommend for me to drink so I get good quality sleep?'. So, we thought we'd share out top tips with you! Our teas are all blends, so we like to really focus on the ingredients, and these are the ingredients were keep in mind when creating a sleepytime tea...

1. Valerian

Both the flower & the root of this plant have been used for centuries to fight insomnia due to its ability to soothe & relax. It is naturally a mild sedative so great for helping with anxiety symptoms. 

2. Chamomile

Not only do chamomile flowers help relax your nerves, but they also help relax your muscles! Being completely caffeine-free this herb is perfect before bed. 

3. Lavender

Lavender is a well-known sleep tonic, not just because it's soothing properties but the aroma of lavender helps get you relaxed as part of your bedtime routine! 

Our Best Sleepytime Teas:

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