Beetberry Matcha Gravadlax

Beetberry Matcha Gravadlax

It’s fairly common to find beetroot-cured gravadlax, largely for aesthetic rather than flavour reasons: the beetroot stains the coral flesh of the salmon a gorgeous crimson purple. Here, though, Tea Rep, nutmegs_seven has harnessed the potent flavour of Beetberry Matcha. It certainly packs a punch in the flavour and aroma department, and adding it to salmon is no exception.

Making your own gravadlax might seem fancy and difficult, but it’s not at all, and it makes a very impressive dinner party starter. All you need is a piece of fresh salmon, a few household ingredients, & a little time. The cure of salt and sugar draws the moisture out of the fish, firming up the flesh and giving that characteristic melt-in-the-mouth texture and moreish saltiness. Here, the perfume of the matcha lends a berry sweetness that cuts through the richness of the oily fish, not to mention adding a gorgeous pink edge to the salmon.

Serve this with rye crackers or a robust dark bread, cream or smoked cheese and a fennel & apple salad. It is also wonderful on cream cheese bagels, or stirred through a creamy pasta dish.

Serves: 3 - 4

What you will need:

- 300-400g piece of very fresh salmon fillet, preferably of an even thickness
- 1 tsp gin
- 40g caster sugar
- 33g coarse sea salt
- 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
- 2 tbsp finely chopped dill
- 1 tbsp 
Beetberry Matcha
- 1 tsp juniper berries, crushed in a pestle & mortar

What to do:

Run your fingers over the salmon fillet to feel for any stray bones; remove them with tweezers. Take a piece of kitchen foil big enough to wrap the salmon, and lay the salmon on top of it. Rub the salmon with the gin.

Mix the other ingredients thoroughly in a small bowl, then rub half over one side of the salmon on the foil. Flip the salmon over and rub the rest of the cure on the other side. Wrap the salmon tightly in the foil and place it on a plate in the fridge. Weigh it down with something heavy, like another plate/bowl or a butter dish.

Leave to cure in the fridge for 3 days, turning the salmon every day. Pour off any liquid that leaks out of the foil.

After 3 days, scrape any remaining cure off the salmon (I sometimes give it a very quick rinse and pat dry with kitchen towel). Slice thickly and serve.

Everything you need for this recipe:

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