5 mini tins of our juiciest & fruitiest matchas!


Fruity Matcha Tube Sampler

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Fruity Matcha Tube green tea sample pack

Green Tea

Fruity Matcha Tube Sampler

5 mini tins of our juiciest & fruitiest matchas!


Each mini tin contains 2-3 servings! 


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lProduct Description

We wanted to create some deliciously sweet matchas for matcha lovers to enjoy and for those new to matcha to discover!


Our Fruity Matcha Collection is made up of 5 mini tins of our fruity matcha faves! We think this is the perfect way to discover a new favourite, if you're already a matcha lover OR it's a fantastic way to get into matcha if you're new to it!


Each tin contains 5g of Matcha and makes approximately 3 cups of lovely goodness!


The Fruity Matcha Collection includes:


Peaches & Cream Matcha - Oh so juicy & creamy green tea powder

Nordic Berry Matcha - Wild forest berry green tea powder!

Super Matcha - Super Matcha green tea powder with two additional superfoods, acai and blueberry!

- Lemon Matcha - So refreshing in the morning and our favourite match blend to make an iced matcha lemonade with!

- Orange & Passion Fruit Matcha - Mouth-watering citrus & passion fruit matcha green tea powder!

pBrew the perfect cup

Add 1 Perfect Matcha Tea Spoon to a bowl - add a splash of warm water - whisk in a 'W' shape - pour into a cup and top with hot water.


Learn how to make matcha in 5 quick steps


Mix up your Matcha as a hot cup with honey or iced and milky, shot it, bake with it, put it in your yoghurt... for matcha recipe ideas see our tea recipe page.


Want to find out more about matcha and its benefits? Pop over to our UniversiTEA Blog, learn about matcha section.

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Fruity Matcha Tube Sampler

Product Reviews


Based on 12 reviews


Lovely variety

I asked for this for my birthday so I could trial a bunch of different flavours. My favourites were Nordic berry and Super matcha.


Lovely match varieties

Really enjoying being able to try out all these different flavours without the commitment of a full sized tub! All very tasty,especially the passion fruit one


Perfect Summer Taster

I am slowly getting into Matcha and I wanted to try some different flavours. (I do not like the taste of black tea or normal matcha) so these seemed perfect. The different flavours help me feel like it is summer, peaches and creame and super matcha are my favourite! A little bit of sunshine.


Flavours that excite

Amazing collection to get a wide variety of tastes the best I love is the apple



A lovely selection of fruity teas.
Lessons I have learned:
1. Matcha is vastly improved in latte form
2. Buy a milk frother
3. Bird and Blend are an awesome company


Best matcha tea I’ve ever had!

I ordered the sampler tea tube and was blown away with the flavours of this tea, I love how the flavours make having a matcha latte in the afternoon more interesting.

I look forward to having one in the morning and afternoon as the flavours are just beautiful. I’ve ditched the coffee for this instead.


Delicious tasters

After finding this shop I wanted something to tempt me away from sugary coffees and these matcha teas delivered. I've never had anything like them. They're so flavourful and delicious. Peaches and cream was an instant favourite but there were some unexpected hits in here as well. The Nordic berry came out better than I thought it would.


Great Collection of Fruity Matcha

I really enjoyed the Fruity Matcha collection. It was a great way to taste different matcha flavors. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the Super Matcha but I really liked all the flavors, they were all so unique. I am really impressed with your matcha’s and will continue to purchase more in the future.


Tea that taste like holidays

This has been my favourite collection of matcha tea Bird and Blend have come out with, every flavour is absolutely amazing. Especially Peaches and Cream, and Tropical Twist. Every time hot water is poured on top I keep thinking, how to they do it. Amazing!!


A Versatile Fruity Selection

I got one of these tubes so I could try the new flavours, as I already knew and loved the blueberry Super Matcha and the juicy Apple and Pears Matcha. I definitely recommend buying one of these tubes if you like fruit flavoured Matchas. While I was disappointed the Nordic Berry didn't have a stronger berry flavour (it was still nice, but the berry flavour was barely discernible), the Tropical Twist Matcha was a beautiful zingy and slightly curry flavour, and when mixed with lemonade, it was refreshing without being sickly sweet. The Peaches and Cream flavour had a noticeable peach flavour when made straight but when I added almond milk, it really lived up to its name. I will definitely buy more of most flavours in this tube....Read more



I have just discovered the joys of matcha tea and this collection is the perfect way to try different teas before you buy the big tins . All the flavours are fantastic


Oh My Fruity Tutti!

Oh wow, I've never really had matcha before and thought I'd just try something new for a change. You know new year, new me! Anyway the matchas that I've tried so far are just really yummy, I like mine with a small dollop of honey and it really perks up my mornings, who knew matcha was so good?!