Lapsang Souchong Russian Caravan black tea - an ancient smoky blend!


Smoky Russian

Black Tea

Smoky Russian

Lapsang Souchong Russian Caravan black tea - an ancient smoky blend!


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lProduct Description

Here you are Teabirds, an incredible Lapsang Souchong tea. This Smoky Russian Caravan loose leaf tea evokes the aroma of this ancient blends trading route, infused by the smoke of the campfires along its journey from China.



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Formosa oolong tea, Lapsang Souchong tea, Mao Feng Keemun tea.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

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Smoky Russian

Product Reviews


Based on 27 reviews


Not as expected

As someone who is Russian I have mixed feelings about this, the taste is identical but the smell is so overbearing it doesn’t make it enjoyable to drink


My go to favourite

I have always loved this smoky tea but Bird and Blend’s version is incomparable to previous ones I’ve had. Needless to say that I will not be reverting back to my old version and will be firmly sticking with Bird and Blend. Thank you.


whisk me off to the camp

what a powerful blast of a tea. This smells like the best campfires and conjures up campfire stories and being in the great outdoors . Tastes amazing a definite favourite


Unusual, but pleasant taste evokes memories of campfires

Please never stop making this tea! It is fabulous with or without milk/sugar. Perfect for all-day drinking! The smokey note is warming & soft. Takes me back to campfires on the beach in late spring.


A new fan

I thought I didn't like lapsang, then I had some of this in the advent calendar and some other one at my pa's and I actually liked both. So I thought I'd get some of this!
Apparently I like smokey now so that's good!


Interesting taste

The smoky taste is Very strong! It's almost like eating bacon^^ Not my thing but i'm glad i tried it :)


An absolute delight of a tea!

This has to be my favourite tea, I can't recommended this enough. Great Evening tea with smoky flavours enjoyed with or without milk.


Deliciously Smokey Yet Mellow

I bought this as a random purchase (I usually buy chai flavour teas) and I think it’s my new favourite. The smell is smokey and exotic, and flavour is what I’d call a proper tea taste. I drink it black, it works really well like that, and not too strong


My Favourite!

B&B are one of the few that offer this original blend of Russian Caravan tea. And it's a great one :)


Packs a real punch

I liked the taste of this tea, good for mornings to wake you up, really smokey taste.



Tried this as I was sent a sample and so good that this is my first order of it



A lovely smoky smell and taste. Just right after a lazy lunch.


Balanced Perfection

I can't describe how happy and grateful I am for this particular blend. My regular cuppa is a straight Lapsang Souchong tea & I have tried Russian Caravan blends in the past...but this one is truly extraordinary! I highly recommend it for the black tea lovers who have an issue with the extra smokiness of a straight Lapsang Souchong. The Smoky Russian is a very earthy, warm and moderately smokey tea that is perfect for mornings and afternoons! ...Read more


My favorite tea

Mon thé préféré du moment ! Le goût fumé est très présent lui donnant une force que les thés noirs plus classiques n'ont pas.


Properly smoky!

This tea has just the right amount of smokiness: not as much as pure Lapsang, but more than Russian Caravan. Spot on. Mixed with the Coffee Puer (sp?!?) it makes a great breakfast-type blend.


robust enough to chew on

I like a good, strong tea, but I'm picky about smoked teas. I want the flavor and the zing, but with some lapsang souchongs, the smoke overwhelms the tea itself. This one doesn't. It's not quite as good as my absolute favorite ceylon souchong, but it's also about 5x less expensive, so I call that a winner and am quite enjoying a cuppa right now.


From Russia with Love

This is a complex strong flavour but don’t be put off by that - it’s regal, smoky full bodied notes, dark colour and distinctive taste is perfect for cold temperatures and winter weather. Energising too!


Campfire in a cup

This tea provides the flavour it states it will and there is no doubt about it. The smokey flavour is little too strong for me however the smell of this tea freshly brewed was wonderful and reminiscent of campfires.


There is no collusion

But you should still buy this tea.


Earthy and smokey

I picked this one out for my partner as he is a big black coffee fan. Super smokey and warming, wonderful to have after a big meal to settle the palette a little.

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