Spice up your summer with this zingy ginger, lime + lemon rooibos blend. 


Ginger Beer


Ginger Beer

Spice up your summer with this zingy ginger, lime + lemon rooibos blend. 


47 Reviews

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lProduct Description

This Caribbean classic is here to set your taste buds on fire! Packed with flavour, punch + fruity freshness but with a cooling creamy lime finish. Perfect hot or iced, with a splash of spiced rum and a lime wedge!  


Insider secret: Chief Mixologist and Co-founder Krisi says this might just be her favourite EVER cold brewed tea! 


Rooibos, ginger, lime leaves, lemon peel, calendula petals, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - with or without milk


Learn more: How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea

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Ginger Beer

Product Reviews


Based on 47 reviews


Summer Refresher

This is a absolutely lovely blend. I strongly recommend that you follow the advice of the other reviewers and brew this tea in lemonade. It creates a perfect summer drink - gingery, tart, and wonderfully refreshing!


Ginger Winner

This is one of my absolute favourites! It manages to have a fiery ginger kick while also offering a creamy mellowness that reminds me a little of Moondrops Dreams brew (another one of my top teas). I'll definitely be getting more!


Like visiting a Christmas Market in your teacup

What a scrumptious tea. Before you even taste it the smell of it is divine - like a freshly opened packet of ginger nuts! The taste is delicious, gingery and warming and rich with a hint of spice that tickles the back of your throat. It's too good to share! Love it!


Best tasting tea

Such a nice tasting brew and i had 3pots out of 1spoonful of tea



I made this up as a cold brew with diet lemonade. Gorgeous. Not fiery like a traditional ginger beer, zingy, fragrant and refreshing. Just lovely.


It’s authentic

Well this tastes of ginger beer, it’s sweet with a slight spice. It’s a lovely tea although for me it’s sweeter than I had expected however it’s nice after diner or when I need a sweet kick


Not sure about this one

If you love ginger, you'll love this blend. I found it a bit too much ginger for my taste.


dream tea

Again, I only got this because my favourite ginger rooibos had been discontinued. So I was grumpy as I grudgingly tried it. Amazing. It's another anytime cuppa, and it's so good that I can't even now remember what the name of the discontinued one was. The perfect amount of ginger, lemon and lime, but it doesn't taste like a naff herbal tea. It's proper tea. This, Morning Kick and choc chilli chai, and you've got every tea-base covered. Job done. ...Read more


Not fizzing for me

I am not positive I like this tea. While the ginger taste us good there is a sweet aftertaste which spoils it. Sorry.



This was one of the first teas I tried when I stumbled into Bird & Blend's Cardiff pop up shop - drawn in by the wall of tea canisters. I adore ginger beer in all it's shapes and forms and it smells absolutely divine. It is a little strange as a hot tea (maybe just because I'm used to cold ginger beer!) but gorgeous iced, and it lovely on a sore throat if you have a cold. Pretty perfect all round!...Read more



This tea was a life saver the other day when I was suffering with the flu! I brewed a mug of this with a slice of lemon and it helped me feel so much better. It's also amazing when you cold brew it in lemonade. Ideal for the summer!


Ginger-tastic tea !!

Just love this tea. Even the delivery is quick and well presented with a personal message. Thanks to the team.



Just like when you drink a ginger beer ; the fiery taste followed by toffee sweetness all through the lense of a lovely rounded bird and blend rooibos. Am a devout drinker of bird and blend and this one really is something special.


Turned my boyfriend into a tea lover with this one

I've involved my boyfriend in my tea addiction, but while I'm a black tea lover he only prefers rooibos. After I got him to try a few Bird and Blend teas, he is hooked on this one. He likes it with no milk or sugar. Just bought him his first tin :)


Dessert in a cup

This is hands down the nicest tea I've ever had. I'm a coeliac so I spend most of my time thinking about all of the cakes I'm missing out on- this is the perfect cure all. Sweet, malty and spiced - it's amazing with and without milk.


Best Ginger tea out there

This is not just my favourite ginger tea, but my favourite all time tea, and I drink herbal teas a lot, and like to try out different brands and flavours. The smell is divine as well.

I avoid caffine, due to a bad sleep problem, but this tea gives a little stimulating kick without the accompanying negative effects of caffine.

I got a selection of these teas as a present, and when I recently re-ordered some I was relieved that the ginger was as good as I had remembered.

I have only drunk it has a hot tea, but I see some of the other customers have tried it as a cold brew in lemonade so I am going to try that as well.

...Read more


My dad is addicted to this stuff

My old man isn't big on special stuff like loose-teas. but honestly he burns through this stuff like it's nothing!!


Definitely a favourite!

Delicious...gingery, limey, must try it cold brewed but love it brewed in good old fashioned hot water. Yum.


A real kick

My new favourite! Very ginger - no need for the fizz!


Great cold brew

Brew this with lemonade overnight for a really refreshing drink!

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