Smooth milk oolong + sweet coconut. That is all. Coconut bliss!



Coconut Milk Oolong

Oolong Tea

Coconut Milk Oolong

Smooth milk oolong + sweet coconut. That is all. Coconut bliss!



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lProduct Description

Winner of the Tea Election, as voted for by you. Coconut Milk Oolong, expected to become a firm fan fave is now a permanent member of our tea wall!


Creamy, hand-rolled little pearls of loveliness that have been partly oxidised and lightly-roasted blended with dried coconut flakes!  Milk Oolong is famous for its sweet, silky taste and beautiful shape as the leaves unfurl in your cup! Mixologist tip - you can re-steep this one up to 7 times. 


Taiwanese milk oolong, coconut flakes, desiccated coconut.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 90° water - 3 mins - no milk


Top Tip: This tea can be re-brewed up to 7 times!


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 


Coconut Milk Oolong

Product Reviews


Based on 43 reviews



What a tea, smooth, flavoured, just pefect. Indulge yourself with this tea, and you will meet perfection.


It's a knockout!

I first tried oolong in China at a tea ceremony tasting. I absolutely loved it. I was worried a wouldn't find anything as smooth in the UK. I absolutely love this Coconut Milk Oolong. It's like a coconut rice pudding comforting taste. I've added milk, although the description on the webpage says without. The packet says either or. I absolutely love it!



Pains me to say this but I was really disappointed with this tea. The coconut taste is so subtle it's barely there. Glad I only ordered a sample. Won't be re-ordering.


One of the best

This is truly one of my favourite teas. It's creamy and sweet but also refreshing. Good at any time of day and you really can re-steep several times. Delicious!


Delicate and Delicious

Milk Oolong is one of my favourite teas to drink as can be enjoyed anytime of day. This tea has a lovely subtle creamy taste to it and not overpowered by the coconut. This will be a long time fav of mine and can't wait to try the new Oolong blends!


I can't recommend this enough!!

Coconut milk oolong is one of my favourite teas, it's smooth and delicate flavour, but utterly moreish with the coconut complimenting the leaves perfectly. 



I was very pleasantly surprised with this and I'll be adding it to my next order for sure.



If you like coconut you’ll love this tea. It’s very refreshing


I can see why tea fans voted this one back

Light and delicious with just the right amount of coconut taste



This Oolong has quickly become apart of my morning ritual. It is quite a delicate tea but utterly moreish with the coconut complimenting the leaves perfectly. If like me you suffer from a caffeine sensitivity then this tea is great as it has enough to lift you without leaving you with a headache. Plus the fact that you can make at least 3-4 cups using the same leaves is brilliant. That second cup is always my favourite. ...Read more


My new favourite tea!

I love this tea, I ordered a sample packet but will definitely be buying more. It is subtle and creamy and smells amazing


Coconut heaven!

If you love coconut go for it! if you dont LOVE coconut, then i would go for any other delicious tea they do, this one though is only for coconut lovers.


A cup of bliss

I think this is the best tea I have ever drunk. It is creamy and satisfying. I take a flask of it to work and it just refreshes me and soothes my frazzled nerves and I love the way the leave can be re-used and the tea tastes just as good every time.


Oolong has this been going on !

A wonderful delicate balance of the oolong tea and the coconut flavour. Refreshing at any time of the day. I tried it because I was curious and will definitely make a repeat purchase. It’s lovely.


Smooth as....

Such a deliciously soothing smooth tea. I drink it without milk but will be trying it as an iced latte soon, should work well!


When they say Coconutty they mean it!

This is nice oolong with VERY strong coconut flavor. It is impressive as in my experience most coconut blends tend to taste either oily or not coconut-y at all. The taste is very pleasant and creamy, but after a pot I need to drink something else for a few days as the coconut flavor can get bit sickle to me.


Wonderful tea

Without a doubt my favorite tea!! It is truly delicious! I am from Brazil and drinking this tea reminds me of home every time! Love it!!



This tea is so delicate and delicious. The coconut is subtle but in perfect balance with the milk oolong, I’ll no doubt be ordering again when I’ve used up my first pouch!


Smooth taste

An exquisite taste, love it very much, with or without milk. It is just right and the coconut is shining through on a complimentary note !



This tea is so delicious it should almost be illegal. It's incredibly smooth and perfect with a dash of honey for sweetness. The coconut is just enough to be there but not be overpowering, and the blend tastes amazing hot as well as slightly cooled. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys hints of coconut!

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