Award-winning, fresh + fragrant vanilla Earl Grey tea.


Earl Grey Creme

Black Tea

Earl Grey Creme

Award-winning, fresh + fragrant vanilla Earl Grey tea.


114 Reviews

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lProduct Description

Don't we wish prime ministers today were as good as the ones in the good old days? Take PM Earl Grey, he was the cream of the crop. Not only did he help abolish slavery and reform the House of Commons, he also invented the legendary Earl Grey tea! So we've created this delicious black loose leaf tea tribute just for you old chap!


This tea won big at the Great Taste Awards. Read what the judges had to say and check out our other award-winning teas here. 


Ceylon black tea, vanilla pieces, blue cornflowers, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.


We've put this loose leaf blend in our Top 5 Best Black Teas!

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4 mins - with or without milk 


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Earl Grey Creme

Product Reviews


Based on 114 reviews


Really smooth Earl Grey

A lot smoother than other Earl Greys and yet still as tasty, if not more! I can easily understand why it's on the top 5 black tea list!


Absolutely delightful

This tea is absolutely delightful, it has the familiar Earl Grey aroma enriched with this very comforting and warm vanilla and botanical touch to it. It has to be tried to be understood. We initially bought a lot of small samples to try different teas out, and this one we finished in an instant, then went ahead and bought the giant one so we don't run out in the near future.


These reviews are all for the old blend!!

Look out potential buyers, all these reviews are for the delicious *old* blend of Earl Grey Creme - it has been reformulated, and is now a totally plain earl grey without the lovely vanilla kick that I used to love. I stocked up on a big bag only to be disappointed when it arrived. Hopefully the Great Taste award sticker is being taken off soon, as this is not the blend that won the award!


The Nicest Earl Grey

Earl Grey is my every day tea - I just love it! This is by far the best earl grey I've ever tried! The creamy element just makes it the perfect cup!


A nice and subtle variation on a classic blend!

This blend got me into drinking black tea again. It's more exciting than your average store-bought black tea, yet not as "exotic" as some flavoured variants. I love how colourful it looks, too. It shows that it's not just arteficial flavours!


Best we have found

This Earl Grey Creme is rich and delightful. The Creme flavor is strong but not so strong the it is overwhelming. Just the right balance.


Changed,like it used to be

This was our favourite earl grey tea, however the last purchase tastes and smells like strawberry, not a lovely vanilla. When I called customer services to enquire, I was told that the blend has been changed and improved. Well it's not Earl Grey Creme any more! It's such a shame, it was a lovely blend and now ruined in my opinion.


Favorite Earl Grey!!!

My official second BB tea. Like the first one, this did not disappoint! I drank every single drop and it was so good. I'll be adding this to my Wish List in a bigger size. On to the next.....


Kinda Fruity

Compared to other blends, their blend was kinda fruity. I don't know if it was the one I got or not, as I had one before and it tasted so sweet and more like a traditional earl grey creme.


You wont feel blue with this tea

Love love love love Earl Grey Crème with cornflowers! Its all I drink so tasty and refreshing. Can't recommend it enough.


Earl Grey Dream!!

This is the best blend of loose leaf tea we have come across. First discovered at a local cafe will definitely be purchasing this from now on.


Earl Grey Creme

One of my morning go tos. This tea is bold and probably one of the best Earl Grey teas, I have tried. Love it with honey and a splash of milk. if you love Earl Grey you'll love this tea!


The best!

Fragrant, creamy and just perfect. The best Earl grey I've ever drank.


Lovely morning tea

It's the perfect tea in the morning, a spoon full of honey and some milk and it's a morning dessert !


A lighter shade of grey

I love earl greys and this one is a fantastic addition to my collection. It is not as bitter as early grey usually is, probably due to the vanilla. It probably works less well with milk, but on its own it is perfect, light and slightly flowery.


An aquired taste?

This version of Earl Grey is not for me because of the vanilla overtones ( I prefer the Lady Lavender) but my friend really likes this tea - she describes the vanilla giving it more depth.


A lovely classic

I really love that this tea isn't too overpowering and strong with the bergamot as Earl Grey's can sometimes be. The vanilla pieces help to lift this tea, but it could do with just a little more vanilla to really make the creme element stand out.


Best earl grey

Love it. Recommend it to my ex


The best earl grey I've ever had!

I first discovered Earl Grey Creme in a local cafe and was so smitten I took out a subscription if it with Bird & Blend. I have gone for the loose leaf as it see to work out cheaper per cup, has less waste and the whole process of making a cup is a real pleasure. Thoroughly recommended.


Absolutely beautiful tea!

Ordered some earl grey for my wife’s birthday and these guys threw in so many little extras, very rare to get that from a company these days. I wasn’t a big tea fan before but the quality of these products has converted me. We will be life long customers

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