Ice Cream Matcha, does it get any smoother by the scoop!? 


Ice Cream Matcha 30g Tin

Green Tea

Ice Cream Matcha 30g Tin

Ice Cream Matcha, does it get any smoother by the scoop!? 


30g pot, approximately 30 serving



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lProduct Description

Everybody's favourite summer treat - Enjoy a creamy, moreish ice cream matcha cone in the afternoon sun! Try me iced or hot and I'm awesome with milk!


The Detox Warrior. The Energising Elixir. The Slimming Superhero. The Hangover Destroyer. These are some of the nicknames for our Matcha!


Matcha is a traditional Japanese powdered green tea with up to 10 x the benefits of regular green tea, 7 x the vitamin C as orange juice and 3 x the energy boost as an espresso shot! It's packed full of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients and is said to aid weight loss, lowering blood pressure and increasing concentration levels and clarity of mind. 


We are proud to announce that our expert Tea Mixologists have created the UK’s first flavoured Matcha Collection in some of their favourite flavours using organic, natural ingredients and all hand blended at our HQ in Brighton.   


Japanese matcha green tea, carob powder, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

Learn how to make matcha in 5 quick steps


Mix up your Matcha as a hot cup with honey or iced and milky, shot it, bake with it, put it in your yoghurt... for matcha recipe ideas see our tea recipe page.


Want to find out more about matcha and its benefits? Pop over to our UniversiTEA Blog, learn about matcha section.

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Ice Cream Matcha 30g Tin

Product Reviews


Based on 24 reviews


Yummy tea

Loved this when tried at Bristol mixology class. Could not believe the taste. However, I do not seem to have been able to replicate the taste at home. But it is still lovely.


I scream you scream we a scream for ice cream

Ice cream matcha is one of my favourite matcha’s it is so good as an iced latte, and is great to cook with. If you haven’t tried it already I’d give it a go!



This is the first matcha i've ever tried and i'm hooked! Tastes of creamy vanilla ice cream. Look forward to having it as an iced matcha in the summer too. I brought a big tin of this after trying it in the mix and matcha (great way of trying different flavors) :)



tastes lovely and gives you steady, non-jittery energy throughout the day


Creamy and delicious

It's one of my favourite matchas from B&B. It's creamy, naturally sweet and full of flavour. I love it as a latte with coconut milk. Such a treat!


Nostalgia in a cup!

The ice cream matcha is not a sugary concoction, but it is a delightfully creamy and flavourful one! I really love this as a hot latte and an iced latte, absolutely decadent and delicious!


I shake this up

I make this into a paste with a little hot water and the bamboo whisk, then shake it up in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and sweetened almond milk, it's better than ice cream milkshake any day of the week!


Smell summer while you wait for it to turn up!

Lovely scent. Looks like a witches brew. Would recommend making it mostly of milk. Water makes it bitter.


I am addicted

I was in the Tunbridge Wells shop a few weeks ago and tried the ice cream matcha on the recommendation of the girl in the shop. It was fabulous and i am now addicted. I have since been on a Matcha evening in the Brighton shop and bought some more flavours. I didnt realise how much you could do with a tin of matcha, and am really looking forward to trying out all the ideas. Would also like to say how brilliant, friendly and helpful the staff are :-)...Read more


Ice Cream Tea

This is my 2nd tin of Ice Cream matcha, it is my favourite matcha ever and tastes just like a vanilla ice cream!


Lovely discovery

I was a little sceptical about an ice cream flavoured matcha, but this really is special. As it's been winter whilst trying it, I've been making it with hot water and topped with a little oat milk and it's lovely in the evenings, but I can imagine it making a lovely iced latte in summer.


The most delicious hot drink ever!

I absolutely love this tea! I can't get enough of it! It's the only thing delicious enough to wean me off coffee - and I used to be a serious coffee addict! Now I'm an Ice Cream Match addict and i feel all the better for it!

I like it with Rude Health almond milk - perfect!



Ordered this online a few months ago and tried it as soon as it came. This is so delicious! It smells really sweet when you brew it but when you taste it, it really isn't that sweet.


Yum yum yum

Just made my first ice cream matcha latte with almond milk, absolutely lovely, I don’t think this tin is going to last long!


Sweet and creamy!!

I have just tried this matcha tea and wow it is so tasty! I originally purchased this as one of the mini selections, having tried a few other flavours in the past I wanted to sample ones I've not had before. This one has now become a favourite of mine. I made it hot with a splash of almond milk.

Another wonderful matcha flavour with an added but subtle sweetness to it. Will definitely be purchasing this in a larger size!
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Can't live without!

I initially tried this in a Mix n Matcha, and instantly fell in love with it and bought the full size pot. I suffer a lot with very low energy, and I have at least one serving of this a day, sometimes three if I'm really tired. It really boosts my energy levels and helps me get through the day. It tastes (and smells) absolutely gorgeous, plus it looks cute on my counter!



Definitely the best matcha blend from Birdblend! I love it as a latte with coconut milk! Gives you great energy and tastes lovely :) I kind of preferred the old packaging though.



I have tried so many different Matchas but this is by far my favourite, you still have the lovely matcha flavour but with a slight sweetness that I simply love. I drink this iced all the time and will always come back to repurchase more!


A gateway matcha

If you're like me and matcha confuses and scares you - I mean it's green powder! - then this is the perfect one to start.

Had a wonderful experience in the Brighton shop, where I was so convinced I wouldn't like any matcha blend. Then one of the workers made a latte blend for herself, and just "casually" lets me tastes it. I leave hooked, so well done and thank you for showing me matcha.

There's a natural sweetness to it already, but add a little bit of honey with milk and it tastes just like you've melted down some ice cream to drink with tea. Will definitely be restocking soon!
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Delicious and Moreish

I absolutely love this matcha! I drink it in a latte and it tastes just like ice cream and reminds me of summer. Just the nudge I needed to stop drinking coffee and look at healthier alternatives. Already going to buy my second jar please don’t stop making this!

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