Pick and mix your own 10 tea experience pack!


Pick 'n' Mix | 10 Tea Experience Bundle

Pick 'n' Mix | 10 Tea Experience Bundle

Pick and mix your own 10 tea experience pack!


Also available as a 5 pick 'n' mix pack


Save vs. individual sample price!



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lProduct Description

Do you remember that exciting feeling of going into the sweet shop as a kid and selecting all of your favourite sweets? Well growing up doesn't mean you can't have that same feeling, so we have given you the chance to create your own pick 'n' mix.


Choose 10 teas from our range of 60 loose leaf teas, you can choose your favourite teas or even experiment and try something new.


The experience pack consists of 10 x 20g samples of tea (up to 10 cups of tea per 20g).


Our recommendations for Dad...

- Great British Cuppa

- Earl Grey Creme

- Triple B

- Smoky Russian

-Monkey Chops

- Apple Strudel

- Ginger Beer


Warning: Packed in an enviornment that contains nuts.


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Pick 'n' Mix | 10 Tea Experience Bundle

Product Reviews


Based on 39 reviews


Quick tea Favourites and testers!

Once I had placed my order the tea had arrived quickly. I enjoyed tasting my favourite teas again and trying 4 new ones. I wasn’t keen on the gingerbread chai or toasted apple but all the rest were delicious.


Never disappointed !

Bird and Blend are always pu'er qualitea. The pick 'n' mix is a good way to discover new flavours for people new to Bird and Blend, and those wanting to branch out a bit from their normal favourites. To cut oolong story short, I really enjoyed my mix and would definitely order one again.


Best way to sample a variety of flavors

I was new to Bird & Blend and thought this would be the best way to try a variety of their teas. Ha, I was right! The assortment is a great value and the sample sizes are really generous. I debated between the 5 tea and 10 tea bundles and ended up going for the 10 while selecting some teas I was on the fence about trying. What's funny is that that those teas I was wary of ended up being some of my favorites! Glad I got the chance to try this company and now that I've tried the sampler I can reorder my favorites. ...Read more


A fantastic way to find your favourites.

If you're new to Bird & Blend this is a great way to try a variety of teas (or varietea) without having to buy large amounts. Each pouch is enough for several cups so you have chance to give them a good try.


Brilliant way to test new teas.

This pick 'n' mix option of ordering tea is perfect. It allows anyone to try new tea at an affordable price. By far, my favourite is the pineapple mint option as its extremely fruity and thirst quenching, unlike some other teas it doesn't dry up the mouth at all. The idea behind choosing several flavours is amazing and I recommend this product to try some new, exciting and tasty teas in the future.

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awesome product

great way to try a good range of teas to see what you like will definitely be getting more of some of them


The perfect way to wet your whistle

I'm not a fan of traditional tea, but I'm very fond of fruit tea and found this bundle ideal to sample the various blends.

If you're looking through the menu and are unsure of which of the many flavours to try this is the perfect way to try 10 of them.

The sample size is good for several cups of tea or a couple of cold brews / iced tea.

Also worth getting the perfect cup tea spoon, and possibly some handy infuser sacks as well so you can measure out your blend and not have to worry about an infuser.

I'll definitely be buying again.
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Great tasting tea

Haven’t quite got round to tasting all of them yet, still have about 5 left to try but the ones I have tasted are amazing!



What can I say? I had a hard time deciding which one of my 10 teas to start with :) They are all simply amazing.


Love this pick n mix

So love this pick n mix it’s a great way to try a bunch of different varieties.


Try em all

My second order so far loving it my favorites from this batch.

Dark Choco chilli Chai is fabulous smells like lovely chocolate and has a nice subtle heat

Retro Ted has amazing color and smell wasn't crazy about the idea of coconut in my tea but it's aboalutely delish


Fabulous blends

Just so hard to pick one or two, so I got 10 and love all of them! Super yummy teas that really help me to remember to stay hydrated. They all smell so good!


Two thumbs up!

Best tea ever! So far I've tried 3 of the 10 I bought. They have so much flavor


So much choice

Ordered the mixed bundle as i couldn't make my mind up on which teas to buy. I was originally going for the 5 tea bundle but with so much choice i changed to the 10 tea bundle as i couldn't narrow the teas i wanted to try down to 5.
This experience bundle is a great idea and allows people who maybe wouldn't try a certain tea the chance to find a new favourite


The tastiest tea!

Ordered ten black teas to try, favourites are Smokey Russian, Earl Grey Creme and Bonfire Toffee. Amazing and unique flavours. Have been searching for decent tea leaves for a while and think I’ve finally found my source!


Kid in a sweet shop

Omg where to start.

I couldn't decided on what tea I wanted so I got a selection, and after drinking them I still can't decide. The amount of tea in each pack is perfect portions to get a few cups from. When my friends come round 1 of the first questions is what tea I have left and can they have some, so perfect starting point for a catch up.


Great value for tea

Just a lot of tea for the money


Great choice and great flavours!

Really pleased with my choices, hoping to find a few favourites to buy bigger packs of in the future! Good value for money, seem to work out a little cheaper than teabags and there’s something lovely about brewing up a loose leaf tea! If you haven’t tried Bird and Blend yet, pick and mix is a great start :)


Delicious pick n mix

The 10 tea experience has been fantastic, I’ve lived trying a new tea everyday and used them to create my own tea advent tasting adventure. The flavours are sublime - firm favourites so far are rhubarb and custard, retro ted, bonfire toffee and chocolate digestives, but honestly none of the teas have disappointed. Each 20g bag provides enough for around 10 cups (using generous measures).


Perfect way to try teas out

The pick n mix pack was a great way to try out new teas and add some variety to my tea routine. I love building up a collection of teas, and this is the best way to do it.

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