Turkish delight tea with magical rose + creamy cocoa


Enchanted Narnia

Herbal Infusion

Enchanted Narnia

Turkish delight tea with magical rose + creamy cocoa


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lProduct Description

'Put the Turkish Delight down, Get out of that wardrobe + get the kettle on Edmund!' said Lucy... Well perhaps we have paraphrased a little there. But we're pretty sure that's what she was thinking. Enchanted rose + chocolate tea make a smooth turkish delight tea!


This tea won big at this years Great Taste Awards. Read what the judges had to say and check out our other award winning teas here. 



Rosebuds, cocoa shells, rose petals, lemongrass, raspberry leaves.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - without milk 


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Enchanted Narnia

Product Reviews


Based on 58 reviews


Delicate and Nostalgic

I really love this blend, it has a delicate Turkish-delight sort of flavour and is a really nice tea to have before bed. The chocolate notes aren't too overpowering and the smell really takes me back to reading the Narnia stories as a child!


Not delightful

I wanted to love this tea but it wasn't for me! I'm not getting any of those Turkish Delight flavours people are talking about. To me it tastes like weird roses with no chocolate undertone. Overall an odd rosy taste that's hard to describe. I won't buy this one again.


Tastes like Turkish Delight

Enough said it’s identical



I love this tea! Beautiful pink rosebuds make it just as joyful to look at as it is to taste. It is both sweet and floral, perfectly balanced and delicious :)


Enchanted narnia

This is the best and most delicious tea I have had, the roses are the best.


A rose dream

I love anything rose scented and adore Turkish Delight so once I saw this tea I absolutely had to have it. It’s quickly become one of my favourites. A lovely floral tea with chocolate undertones. I love to have it after a long day at work.



As good as the snow queens finest but far more warming. Tastes even better with a bit of honey.


Delightful Memories

A fab tea for all those childhood fans of Turkish delight.. Evoked wonderful memories...
Blissful notes of rose and with a hint of chocolate. A great tea to relax, unwind and sooth the soul.


Lovely and Mysterious

I was surprise when I discover the chocolate notes and the absence of green tea. The first sips weren´t promising, but after I let the the infusion cool I feel in love. It evoque the turkish delight perfectly, and put a smile in my mouth.


Like liquid turkish delight!

The perfect warm treat for a cold snowy day! This tea is like liquid Turkish delight, I can’t get enough! The blend itself is beautiful, roses being the main element. Preparing this tea part of the charm. I would highly recommend this tea to anyone.


A particular taste

I love the name and the concept but unfortunately I just could not get past the first few sips. Perhaps one of the ingredients put me off or the combination. Clearly this is just me as the tea has won awards and has excellent reviews. This is an oddity in my experience of the beautiful loose leaf teas so I will continue to enjoy the ones I love and try other new blends but I will not be coming back to this....Read more


Elegant and delicate

This is a beautiful tea that warrants using a glass teapot and pretty china cups - a visual as well as taste pleasure. I added a few extra cacao nibs to boost the chocolate impact, but if you love rose it's good as it is.


A gorgeous and delicious blend!

Have to try all the B&Bs! I love that they have some book themed teas. This one sounds lovely: chocolate and rose… the lemongrass and raspberry leaves sounded a little out of place. The taste is great though! The leaves themselves smell like they were infused with rose. I didn’t want the first steep to be too long as I wasn’t sure if the raspberry leaves would make it terrible as they tend to ruin teas if steeped too long. I didn’t taste any raspberry leaves at all. Instead there is a perfect balance of rose (from the infused flavor) and chocolate from my favorite chocolate ingredient in tea: cocoa shells! I could have used more cocoa shells, but maybe that was just my sample. Why isn’t chocolate infused with rose a thing? And if it is, why don’t I know about it? The lemongrass made itself known just enough to give the first steep some character. The second steep seemed to have much more of a lemongrass flavor that made it very lemony like lemon myrtle – drowning out the other flavors. My only complaint might be using entire roses (instead of petals) might make this a heavy tea. I think the first cup was steeped perfectly though. I love the idea of a chocolate rose tea, so I could have done without the other ingredients but this is another great B&B blend.
Steep #1 // few min after boiling // 3 min
Steep #2 // just boiled // 7+ min
...Read more


Enchanted and needing more!

lovely tea, definitely lives up to its name and look forward to getting some more. i am a huge fan of all the weird and wonderful infusions Bird and Blend provide!


Floral and lovely

If a tea could taste magical, this would be it. The blend of flavours is so good, I love how floral it is. The room smells lovely while drinking a cup of it too!



I was bought some of this blend by a friend and it is very nice. I'm a big fan of all things rose and this is perfect for me. I enjoy this cold brewed and mixed with sparkling water


Spring Season in your Mouth

I'm not much for floral tea, but this is one of the two floral teas I love. The smell is heavenly and the taste is purely calming. Please never stop making this blend!


decadent and delightful

Really beautiful rose tea with a full body. I love that you can see the full rose bud in the tea leaf also. Just spectacular and dreamy.


A beautiful tea

First, when I opened the packet I didn't know whether to drink it or put it in a bowl on the coffee table as an upmarket pot pourri. It is beautiful - gorgeous mauve rose buds. It smells divine and makes a delicious Turkish delight tasting tea Mr Tumnus would be proud to serve.


Turk-ish De-lish

Wow. We’ve all had herbal teas that smell great and taste of nothing. Not this little gem. It tastes just a beautiful as it smells and feels so good to drink - like one is drinking pure, aromatic, sweet love.

Definitely a good one to have before bed or when relaxing. Goes well with chocolate. Just sayin’ :)

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