Our Magical Loose Leaf Tea Decanter!

A super easy + stylish way to brew up some hot or iced tea!


Magic Brewer

Magic Brewer

Our Magical Loose Leaf Tea Decanter!

A super easy + stylish way to brew up some hot or iced tea!


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How to use the Magic Brewer!

lProduct Description

We’re super excited to share with you the most magical and innovative loose leaf tea brewer yet! Our glass decanter is a stylish bit of tea kit that is super easy to use (especially for iced teas!) & quick to clean. The Magic Brewer's mesh magically filters out the loose leaf tea making it the easiest way to enjoy loose leaf tea.


Our show-stopping Magic Brewer is great for hosting or just to spice up your morning tea ritual, it's also mesmerising as the loose leaf tea uncurls in your decanter and the ingredients swirl around giving your tea all the space it needs to make up an extra tasty brew.


The brewer is safe to handle with its silicone holder and to add boiling hot water with its heat-resistant glass. Take the mesh filter out and it also doubles up as a fantastic pitcher!



How Do I Use It?

Depending on how strong you like your brew add three to five teaspoons of tea to your decanter, fill with hot water and pop your mesh filter back on top. Let your tea brew like normal and once it's ready, pour and enjoy.


The mesh magically catches the loose leaf tea, so there's no fussing. It's as simple and quick as that! 


Iced Tea Top Tip

We strongly recommend using this Magic Brewer to make iced tea.


Brew your tea like normal with hot water but instead only use a third hot water - then top the rest up with ice. Boom, and you've just made iced tea within minutes! Add some fresh fruit for a visually pleasing and extra tasty boost!


Use Blue Raspberry Tea for that wow factor, our first blue colour changing tea. Add a squeeze of lemon and watch the magic unfold as it turns pink!



Extra details 

W 135mm x D 135mm x H 165mm

- 500ml capacity / makes 2 large mugs or 4 small cups of tea.

- Heat-resistant glass

- Dishwasher safe

- Built-in mesh filter - catches the tea as you pour.

- Silicone band (available in black or grey)


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Magic Brewer

Product Reviews


Based on 4 reviews


For delicate teas

Makes a great Teapot for herbal/ fruit and more delicate teas


Birthday Present

Was bought for a friend as a birthday present... She loves it... She can't stop making T in it... Winner..


Yum! Yum! yum!

The magic brewer is easy to use and makes great tea. What more do you need to know?


Sheer Eligance

I first saw the Magic Brewer in our local shop and just feel in love with it and new it was going to be part of my tea drinking adventure. It looks so loverly with the teas in and is just a pleasure to use.So glad I have purchased it .