Stump Teapot with extra-fine infuser!


Stump Teapot

Stump Teapot with extra-fine infuser!


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lProduct Description

The Stump Teapot is a gorgeous piece of teaware to brew your afternoon (or morning!) cuppa in, not to mention it has a 0.3mm extra-fine tea infuser inside which is attached to the lid which makes brewing loose leaf tea so easy!


The extra-fine infuser also means that you can brew any teas without having to worry about tea leaves coming through (we're looking at you, Rooibos!). The stainless steel lid is permanently attached which means that it won't fall off when you're serving up your tea, so no nasty tea burns! 


Also, the stackable design allows you to save storage space in your cupboard because we know how busy they can get when you have a tea obsession! 


There are 5 colours to choose from and 2 different sizes. The small teapot is 13oz which is enough to make one cuppa and the large is 18oz which is enough for 2 people. 


Care instructions & warnings:

- Dishwasher-safe

- Do not use in the microwave or oven

- Let boiling water settle for 15 - 20 seconds before pouring

- Use caution when handling hot water

- Use baking soda dissolved in warm water to clean tea stains as needed.