Strawberries & cream summer dream, twisted with fruity pomegranate


Strawberry & Pomegranate

Fruit Infusion

Strawberry & Pomegranate

Strawberries & cream summer dream, twisted with fruity pomegranate


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lProduct Description

Running for the Tea Cabinet in the 2020 Tea Election!


When we first created this blend you could hear shouts of 'oh wow' and murmurs of 'smells yummy!' as the aromas wafted across the office at Tea HQ! It is Summer strawberry punch in a cup!


We've been enjoying this one straight up iced, or topped with soda & garnished with fruit ... or as a cold brew infused in coconut milk, for a (healthy) milkshake vibe!


Apple pieces, rosehip, hibiscus, sumac berries, freeze-dried strawberry, orange peel, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


 Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup



Step 1. Use twice as much tea as you would for a hot cup & use half as much water! Brew as normal using recommended steeping time and water temperature on tea.

Step 2. Once your tea has brewed, strain and leave to cool for 5 mins (or speed this process up by adding in ice cubes)

Step 3. Fill a glass with ice & pour your tea in.

Step 4. Top with sparkling water or lemonade and garnish with some fresh (or frozen) fruit.


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Strawberry & Pomegranate

Product Reviews


Based on 26 reviews


Summer bliss

Fruity, delicious and light, the perfect summer brew!



Very summery lovely cup of tea


Refreshing but Mild

I definitely enjoyed this tea, but it was a little bit weaker than I would have liked, even after a stronger steep. If the flavour went up a few notches it would be a solid 5 stars! Smells yummy, just a little too mild.


My boyfriend keeps stealing it

I received this tea as part of the monthly tea box. It smelled amazing and the fruity taste made it my new 4 o'clock favourite.

Alas, this was before my boyfriend came over, smelled the new teas and immediately decided that this, this was the one tea that would rule them all. He thinks I didn't notice him putting some of it in a plastic bag to take home. Well, I did. I'm dating a tea thief.

Hopefully this birthday offering of 50 whole grams of The One Tea will appease him.
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A summer dessert in drink.

Really tasty, it smells and tastes like a summer dessert. I loved it so much I ordered a large tin of it to keep me going all summer long.


The tastiest iced tea

This makes me feel like I'm a child by the lake with an ice lolly again. It's delicious and probably my favourite iced tea ever


Tangy and Refreshing

The strawberry & pomegranate brew is great hot and cold. I like to cold brew mine in lemonade, but it is also a nice summer blend.


Good iced tea, Amazing hot

I know this is an iced tea, but I didn't read first time I made it and had it hot.

Hot gives you this super fruity, super sweet almost fruit juice, perfect for sweet cravings.

I frequently rate teas for my friend, and this was the second tea to get my coveted 11/10 (the other being moondrop dreams), and an instant 150g purchase, out of about 20-30 teas so far.


My new favourite

This is amazing, it is my new favourite and have been drinking it cold brewed in apple juice most of the summer. I have tried all the new cold brew tea range, they are all yummy, but this one comes miles above the rest. It tastes amazing, it has a strong punchy flavour compared to some ice teas that have a diluted flavour to them. I love that this ice tea range is natural, no added sugar/ sweetener or other added rubbish, like squash and other drinks have nowadays. I am sad to see this iced tea range is now leaving to be replaced with new autumn tea, which I am sure will be just as tasty, as I have been a fan of Bird and Blend tea for several years now :) I hope one day you will bring the Strawberry and Pomegranate tea back, as well as the rest of the Iced tea range, maybe next summer ;)...Read more


Not my favorite blend.

First I must mention that I didn't steep this iced like B&B intends, I prepared it hot and drank it hot. But whoa, there was hardly anything to this cup at all, and I steeped it at boiling, so if there was flavor here it would have been there in the hot cup, probably less so if I wanted to ice it? There is always the possibility this blend doesn't like being steeped at boiling. Sometimes flavors shine at a lower temp. The brew color is the palest of yellow, so it isn't even a pomegranate or strawberry red. There is the slightest hint of strawberry and pom to the flavor. I probably should have used two teaspoons but I'm not sure that really would have made a difference here. This is one of my least favorite blends from B&B. Meh.
Steep #1 // 1 teaspoon for a full mug // just boiled // 6 minute steep
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Sour and Refreshing

It’s got a nice refreshing almost sour taste to it, perfect as an ice tea but works warm too


Perfect for summer

Sweet, fruity and refreshing if Cold brewed in water. Perfect Drink for Summer. I always Drink my 750ml bottle in unser an hour and Cant Share :D


Delicious cold brew tea

The new cold brew teas are superb and highly recommended


lovely for cold brew

This is delicious and great for cold brew, we've used strawberry lemonade for cold brew for years but now prefer this!


Perfect for summer days!

Really enjoyed this iced tea, it's not too sweet and full of flavour. Perfect for a hot day.



This ice tea was amazing, you could really taste the strawberry and pomegranate even after just a few hours of cold brewing. Would definitely recommend this out of the bunch - new favorite



I bought this a couple of weeks ago! So yummy! I leave it overnight or if during the day for a few hours! What i love about this drink is it tastes amazing! Personally i like to drink it with a tiny bit of lemonade/ sprite! Lol but it also tastes amazing on its own! 100% reccomend! I am about to order a tin... i only ordered 50g.. was no where nesr enough for me! Haha


delicate and flavourful

The strawberry pomegranate iced tea is so delightfully summery! More of a strawberry taste than pomegranate, delicate but flavorful iced. I enjoy it topped with a bit of lemonade but could also imagine making some nice tea based cocktails with this.



Strawberry and Pomegranate is refreshing and really tastes of strawberry (sometimes infusions seem too watery but the pomegranate balances it perfectly!)


Love it

Love the strawberry and pomegranate, such a strong fresh flavour without having to leave it in to steep for ages, no sugar or honey needed. There also wasn't the usu drying of the mouth that a fruit tea can give.

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