⚡ A wizarding wonder of creamy, caramel-ly delight! ⚡


Butter Brew

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Butter Brew

Black Tea

Butter Brew

⚡ A wizarding wonder of creamy, caramel-ly delight! ⚡


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lProduct Description

You’re gonna go PotTEA for our caramel butter brew! We've combined our favourite British book/film series with every British persons favourite drink...A good ol' cuppa! ⚡️


Butter Brew is part of our new Fairytale Collection along with Mermaid Mist and Belle’s Breakfast.


Our Expert Tea Mixologist's Top Tip: Try this with Coconut Milk!


Indian Assam black tea, Sri Lankan black tea, calendula petals, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.



pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - with or without milk 


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 


Butter Brew

Product Reviews


Based on 31 reviews


Magical and Beautiful Tea!!!

My latest Tea that I ordered was Belles Breakfast and it is such a lovely tea that taste like it was made for a Princess. Do not hesitate to try this Tea or any of their teas, I have enjoyed every one I have tried.


Total buttery goodness

A really nice and fragrant tea, but I felt it needed to be steeped for about 5-6 minutes for the true flavours to come out. Never the less, still a fine brew (and this is coming from a coffee drinker normally!).


A magical brew!

Smells absolutely divine, and tastes fantastic too. All the flavours without being too overpowering. I drink mine black, and it’ll be the perfect winter warmer when then weather turns (unless 30 degrees is just how life is now... in which case it’s perfectly good in warm weather too).



This is one of those perfect, simple pleasures. It's a good cuppa tea, but better. Like buttery biscuits and soft caramel in perfect harmony with the black tea base. I love this. I love it so much. I'm having emotions.



This tea is so yummy! It tastes creamy and caramelly without the addition of milk. This is good for me, since i'm lactose. It also tastes something similar to the tea you would get with the asian bubble tea! would def recommend it to everyone


Best black tea ever!

This tea is amazing! The caramel flavour is just sweet enough without being overpowering and balances so well with the other flavours. This is easily the best black tea I’ve ever had and quickly became one I’ve repurchased! Definitely try it if you like subtle sweet flavours!


Such a creamy tea!

I can't believe how full, creamy, buttery taste this tea has. You almost expect to see cream swirling in, but nope. This has raised up to one of the top teas that I have ever had from B&B and that is saying something indeed. I am also delighted that the malty flavour of assam doesn't overwhelm the blend.


Heaven in a cup!

This blend immediately made its way up to my top 3 teas of all time. Amazing aroma and a smooth, sweet taste - it starts working its magic on my mood right from the time of brewing, when that caramel-y smell wafts up to my nose, and seals the deal once the hot liquid it hits my tongue. Absolutely incredible.


Wonderful depth of flavor

This tea is an honest to goodness dream. I love the rich sweetness to it. It's a wonderful way to start off my morning!


Just lncredible

Going to be honest i bought this not expecting it to be anything but thought if it's going to be a Iimited edition I may as well add a packet to my selection. Guys it's simply breathtaking and one cup is never enough. It's creamy, its smooth, it has this amazing smell and in never going to be out of my life - simply the best. Try it, it's incredible


A tea so good it must be witchcraft

Absolutely delicious...perfect drink for any tea or potter fan! Smells incredible, and is the perfect balance - not too sweet or overpowering! Looking forward to trying the recipes for a frappe and cold brew on the website!


Wizarding delight

On first drinking, without adding anything to the tea, Butter Brew felt rather bitter, more so than I am used to with other black teas I've tried from Bird&Blend. However, after adding honey and milk to the tea the soft buttery flavours really started to come out. Now after a few mug fulls of Butter Brew I am really starting to enjoy this tea and it has become my favourite tea to drink on a dreary day. ...Read more


Everything I'd hoped for

If you're reading this you probably don't think there's such a thing as getting too excited about tea! This one is fizzwhizzingly fantastic! It exactly tastes like it would be served up in Hogsmead. Butterscotchy and comforting, it is perfect with a shortbread finger and a good book.


Doesn’t disappoint!

Another lovely refreshing tea from Bird and Blend...I was never a fan of tea until coming across B and B in the lanes in Brighton and now an avid fan....I love the way the teas are refreshing and never too sweet despite their names...
This tea is lovely !
Thanks again for great customer service and delicious teas!


Rustic magic

Great tea, with lots of different notes as you drink it. Rich, creamy, subtlety sweet! Only disappointment was I wish the 150g tins came with the same attractive labels as the shops. Would be lovely to display my tins.


A Harry Potter-like Dream

I am obsessed with Bird and Blend's Butter Brew tea. It is one of my new favorite teas from their collection. It tastes more magical than anything you can get at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando.



This has gone down very well in our house; it has the perfect hint of caramel sweetness. Will be re-ordering soon!


A wizarding wonder

If you love a sweet caramelly taste, or are a Harry Potter fan in general, then you should definitely get this tea!

I absolutely loved it and would order it any time again :)


The Leaky Couldron's Finest

Yum! Seriously so good. Doesn't take very long to brew and with my in cup tea infuser I can get 2 cups out of 1 spoon of tea. I think it tastes best with a bit of honey to enhance the toffee-ness. Really warm and comforting


A magical caramel hit

I'm not sure words can describe how WONDERFUL this tea smells! The magic starts as soon as you open the tin.

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