Build your experience pack with 10 teas of your choice!


Pick 'n' Mix | 10 Tea Experience Bundle

Pick 'n' Mix | 10 Tea Experience Bundle

Build your experience pack with 10 teas of your choice!


Also available as a 5 Pick 'n' Mix pack or a Gift Box!



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lProduct Description

Do you remember that exciting feeling of going into the sweet shop as a kid and selecting all of your favourite sweets? Well, we've brought the sweet shop to your home, with our Pick 'n' Mix packs!


Choose 10 flavours from our range of 70+ loose leaf teas. Pick a selection of your old faves, or experiment with something new!


The experience pack consists of 10 x 20g sample pouches of tea (that's about 8 cups per flavour!)


Choose from fruity, spicy, soothing and so much more! Build the perfect gift for a birthday, to send some love to a friend around the world or even just as a treat for you!


Our recommendations for the perfect Fathers' Day gift...

- Great British Cuppa

- Earl Grey Creme

- Builder's Brew

- Smoky Russian

- Monkey Chops

- Apple Strudel

- Ginger Beer

- Chocolate Digestives

- Lazy Boy

- Eton Mess


Got any questions? Give us a call on 01273 325523.


Warning: Packed in an enviornment that contains nuts.


Check out each individual product page for full ingredients and exciting brewing ideas!

pBrew the perfect cup

Each pack will show you exactly how you can get the most of your brew!

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Pick 'n' Mix | 10 Tea Experience Bundle

Product Reviews


Based on 57 reviews


Vibrant and tasty! So much tea in the sample box

20g does not sound like a huge amount but my goodness you get loads. All of the samples smelled so fresh and tasted exceptionally good. I have recommended to all my tea loving friends. It means now I can buy bigger packs of my favourite like blue raspberry


To all the teas I loved before...

The pick and mix is a great way to try a variatea and figure out exactly what you like or don't like, and it gives you at least a month of tea to make your way through (even if you drink quite a bit of tea). There's also the single tea bag tasters that get thrown in for free. Some of them I will definitely get again, some of them I might not, but I have enjoyed all of them, and the whole point of getting a selection is trying more than you would otherwise and discovering new favourites!...Read more


Tea-tally great!

This pick n mix box is a great way to sample a wide range of teas and pick your favourites. Each sample is enough for 10 cuppas. Teas smelled amazing and we will definitely be ordering again. Ginger Beer, Peppy Mint and Triple B were our favourites.


The Freedom of Choice

I would highly recommend this bundle, not only does it offer you a lot of choices at home, but your choices start on the site as you can choose the teas that go into your bundle. You can be sure you'll only get what you want to get. And of course, teas are delicious.



A lovely way to try new flavours and there’s enough tea to have a few cups and make your mind up about them. The chais are a particular fave as you can taste the spices unlike the milder supermarket versions. The box also came with recipe cards and a hand written note which really made my day (especially right now).


Amazing tea

I had the 10 sample pack and they are great quality loose leaf tea. Great flavour and an amazing cup of tea. Would definitely recommend. Good for deciding what you want to but more of .


Lovely tea

A great option for trying different teas, my fiancé got me this as a birthday gift, slowly working my way through all the flavours. Lovely to have so many choices and delicious teas.


Perfect way to try all the teas!

Really fast delivery, you get a lot of cups of tea, and of so many kinds!



This is the perfect way to try a load of the amazing teas at once. There were a couple I wasn't into but for the most part my list of "tea I need to buy more of" has increased in size significantly. Bring on payday!


I switched to a different Brewer, now I'm Tea Total

I'd like to start by saying the only drinking problem I have/had is the one centred on tea and the title was merely a joke, I promise *hic* please don't tell my mum.

The tea is fantastic, the delivery was fantastic and the service was fantastic. If I were to fault your company in anyway it is that Jodie's puns are sadly as bad as my own and therefore I believe that she either deserves a scheme per pun, maybe a Bonus Rewarding Excessive Wit (BREW if you will) added to her salary or a move to your marketing department as her skills are clearly being put to use in the wrong areas.

She provided the extras that I managed to talk my way in to getting and they were as good as the bags I had selected. I don't know if there is a tea of the month subscription or something but if such a thing exists then can I please have the details forwarded to me, and if it doesn't exist then I demand £1,000,000,000 in return for use of my idea, failing that, just some tea will suffice. My solicitor will be in touch, although your own strainer must be provided given social distancing regulations.

All in all this was a fantastic service and I can't believe I stumbled onto it whilst panic buying a gift for my Girlfriend's birthday, she in turn thought it was a lovely gesture and assumed I had sorted it out ages ago. I would use you again and I would definitely recommend you to a friend, however no one else I know drinks loose leaf tea as I'm 25 (I know! I'm worried too) & they're out clubbing

Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful product(s) and I will definitely be putting an order in for a second batch soon.


...Read more


Thumbs up!

Great way to try out new flavors!


Teas for all tastes

Every tea taste different, some are insanely delicious, some are okay.
What i love about a bundle is all the deferent flavors you can choose.
I'm definitely gonna buy again when I finish most of them.


Tea Joy

I liked tea, had dabbled with different flavours and types, but nothing was going to lure me away from my coffee...or so I thought.

A chat with a friend, who put me onto your trail, a 10 pack sample set and oh my gosh! I'm a total tea convert. You'd think a basic builders' tea wouldn't vary that much based on my experience of popular branded tea bags but it's all like dust compared to the flavours and depth of your brews.

I particularly like the guidance on each sachet which suggests amount (usually 2 tspn per person), steep time and whether milk will go, or not. Each sachet is generously filled so you can try each tea multiple times, and I thought the handwritten note on the order was such a lovely personal touch - please don't lose that as you grow!

All in all the teas are brilliant and so accessible, the company is efficient and seems genuinely interested in customer experience, and I will be spreading the word about B&B joy to everyone I know.
...Read more


A great way to taste a variety of teas

I thought the Pick 'n' Mix tea bundle was good value and gave me the opportunity to try a variety of different flavours before buying larger, more economical packs. Great if you're new to the brand!


Great way to try lots of new flavours

I'm new to Bird and Blend and this is such a great way of trying lots of different teas without committing to big packs. I bought the pick-n-mix 10 pack and am loving trying all the flavours!


Great taster pack

This was my first time ordering from bird and blend so wanted a way of trying out some of the flavours before committing to full size packets - this was great! Would make a fab gift as well. Will definitely be ordering again.


Bespoke tasting fun

A great way to sample a range of delicious teas and to share a tea tipple by gifting to friends


A lovely gift

I bought this as a gift, with a mix of my favourite teas and some new ones I haven't tried yet but I think she will love! I couldn't find "Deckchair Dreaming" tea in the drop-down but I added a note to my order about this and they added it for me. Great customer service, as always!


Quick tea Favourites and testers!

Once I had placed my order the tea had arrived quickly. I enjoyed tasting my favourite teas again and trying 4 new ones. I wasn’t keen on the gingerbread chai or toasted apple but all the rest were delicious.


Never disappointed !

Bird and Blend are always pu'er qualitea. The pick 'n' mix is a good way to discover new flavours for people new to Bird and Blend, and those wanting to branch out a bit from their normal favourites. To cut oolong story short, I really enjoyed my mix and would definitely order one again.

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