Rooibos, almond + cinnamon tea that will send you nuts!


Nuts About You


Nuts About You

Rooibos, almond + cinnamon tea that will send you nuts!


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lProduct Description

Just love a good nutty cuppa? The feeling's mutual with our latest blend: Nuts About You. With caffeine free rooibos tea, almond pieces, coconut flakes + cinnamon we are sure it's going to send you all nutty! 


Rooibos, almond pieces, cinnamon, coconut flakes, mallow flowers, flavour.



Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.



Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - with or without milk  



Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 


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Nuts About You

Product Reviews


Based on 33 reviews


Nutty yumminess

I bought a 20g sample of this for my boyfriend as a silly valentine's gift and he loves it so we've just bought another 50g of it!

Don't leave it to steep for more than the recommended time though, as it goes a little bitter if you do (we made this mistake!)



Aromas of ameretto and flavours of frangipani make this the perfect tea to drink in the afternoon.



Lovely packaging, delicious tea and excellent service. Thank you!


I couldn’t get enough!

Nuts About You is now one of my top favorite teas of all time!! I have a fan stash size sitting in my cart now! The flavors are amazing! Tastes like your drinking almond biscotti! The rooibus blends beautifully with the nuttiness and just enhances the flavor! This is a tea you need in your life daily! Please keep this tea around FOREVER Bird & Blend!


You Nutter!

I love a fruity cup of rooibos tea, and this cuppa adds my favourite nuts and spice into the mix. The tea is perfect for the season, and I love how the almond lingers on your taste buds chased by that cheeky cinnamon.


oh, nuts!

Loving this tea so much!
Look: great. Lots of different big chunks.
Smell: also great. Mom said it reminded her a bit of marzipan.
Taste: again, great. Very different from the tea's I'm used to. A lovely alternative that I'd drink all year round to be honest. Definitely ordering a bigger size next time!


Nutty goodness

So this definitely has a strong hint of almond, so if you're not a fan of marzipan beware. Having said that, I would generally avoid marzipan but really enjoyed this anyway.


I'm nuts about this tea!

Delicious almond tea with coconut flakes and a hint of cinnamon. The aroma is amazing and the natural sweetness is great on its own or with just a splash of milk. I loved the sample size so much that I bought the large pouch plus another sample for my friend. A very satisfying and calming tea for the evening (caffeine-free), but also great with a digestive in the afternoon.


Nutty and sublime

I LOVE this Roibos tea. A winner when combined with the nutty flavour


My favourite tea

This tea is like bakewell tart in liquid form but not as sweet. Perfect.


Super nutty

I love this tea, really tickles the tastebuds, a big hit of almonds and other loveliness!


nuts about you

excellent as always


Marzipan goodness

Admittedly I bought this tea for my boyfriend as he liked the description on the website and we’d had it recommended by a friend.
But.. wow! It is delicious.


A New Favourite

This has definitely become my new Bird and Blend favourite, as evidenced by me ordering the fan stash size. It's beautifully almondy and I find it the perfect tea for this time of year. Warming but not sickly, just really really tasty. Pretty please could Bird and Blend consider doing a Fan Stash size tin though?!


Tea perfection

I adore this tea - it has a gorgeous almond taste and I love that it is caffeine free!


Tastes like I should have ordered more

I wish I'd bought more of this one, but I was skeptical of the added cinnamon. I shouldn't have been as it's not overpowering and adds a nice dimension to the almond flavour. I'll definitely stock up next time -- I'm always on the lookout for tasty rooibois teas as it's my afternoon/evening caffeine-free tea of choice.


Nutty Delight

I discovered Nuts About You tea last year and soon got through my 50gr pouch as the flavour was amazing, slightly sweet and nutty all at the same time, I have just bought a tin and can indulge as often as I like, the cinnamon plays a key role in this tea giving it a slight sweetness you would not have expected, I just love it and am hooked


Does what it says on the tin!

Yummy flavour, kind of buttery, and definitely very nutty! Love it!


Deliciously nutty!

A new favourite of mine. I enjoy it with light goat´s milk. Truly delicious and aromatic. Should be great cold brewed in the summer too. Can´t wait to try it.


My new favourite!

I absolutely LOVE this one! It's like having amaretto in my tea but best of all its caffeine free so I can have a taste of a night out but wrapped up at home, not having to speak to people and best of all without the hangover! It smells like heaven and tastes the same, I'm on my 3rd pouch already!

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