Bird & Blend's eucalyptus & echinacea cold weather tea


Kung Flu Fighter

Herbal Infusion

Kung Flu Fighter

Bird & Blend's eucalyptus & echinacea cold weather tea


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lProduct Description

Let nothing stop you with our new cold weather brew. Our ultimate kung-flu fighting, herbal tea is a blend of echinacea + eucalyptus, both said to aid recovery and sooth symptoms of colds and flu. Also with aniseed, chilli + peppermint - Just what you need to fire you through!


Eucalyptus leaves, aniseed, lemongrass, chilli, echinacea, peppermint.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.



Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

To brew the perfect cup: 1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - no milk  




Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Kung Flu Fighter

Product Reviews


Based on 31 reviews



This tea was bought as I was feeling a little under the weather. It definitely helped and perked me right up! I love menthol teas and this is definitely my favourite now!


Move over karate kid...

I absolutely rely on this as soon as I even get the slightest sniffle! Maybe it's the blend, maybe it's pure magic, who knows! But my lil kung flu fighting cuppa knocks it out of the park!


Lovely stuff

After a friend of mine made a cup of this for me when I was poorly I purchased some that very day. Brilliant tea with the added bonus of making you feel healthier.


It’s all in the name

I bought my first sample of KungFluFighter just before Christmas in one of Bird and Blend’s pop up shops. And then I went back for more. And more. And more. This tea was literally a life saver all throughout the winter cold and flu. First you inhale it, as the tea brews, then you enjoy it - and its powerful, yet delicious flavours are sure to free up any stuffy noses.

A few months down the line, it turns out, this tea is still amazing, even outside flu season. It’s been a hit with any of my guests who’ve had a taste. Meaning that I have now run out of supplies and had to order more online. And extra as present for friends.

Thank you Bird and Blend for an awesome tea! (And great service, too!)
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First sign of a sniffle, pop water in your kettle!

This tea has kept me going on multiple occasions when I’ve had a cold and had pulled myself together and got myself to work! At the first sign of a sore throat or a sniffle, I pop the kettle on and make a full pot of Kung Flu Fighter to stop it in its tracks! The little addition of chilli means when your taste buds are suppressed you can still enjoy some flavour. When you’re suffering with a cold, you need to ‘flush it out’ as my mum says, so a herbal tea is the way to do just that. Honestly give it a try next time you feel a dreaded cold coming on! ...Read more


I’m a Kung Flu Fighter

After being poorly for the last few months on and off with nothing working. I saw this tea advertised and immediately bought the sample packet. This was the best decision I have made. The tea mainly tastes of peppermint (which is a relief after reading the list of ingredients) but with a lovely kick and heat as an after taste. It has now become my afternoon tea of choice, to help keep the bugs away and give me a boost. ...Read more


better than I imagined

Really has been a lovely tea to have when my throat starts to feel scratchy when I wake up these winter months. I ordered the sample pack and am returning for more since I get the feeling I'll be craving it when it starts to warm up since it does have a bit of a cooling aspect after the warm chilli part subsides.


Cold Prevention!

I start mainlining this tisane when I feel a cold coming on, and the cold doesn't materialize! I love the smell of it pre-brew, and its effectiveness with a touch of honey, once brewed.



Great combination and certainly helped get rid of my cold!!


Blows away the cobwebs and the germs

This tea has been so useful during flu season at work, I wish I'd found it sooner. Lovely strong flavour, and the smell is divine!


Just what the doctor ordered!

Perfect for when you've got bunged up and blocked sinuses. This tea tastes great! Not too sharp that it's not enjoyable or can't be drunk fast in a hurry, but with a warm little kick after each gulp that feels amazing when your brain feels foggy and your eyelids are heavy. Will definitely be buying again - my new secret weapon for the winter!


This tea is amazing!

Not only is this tea absolutely delicious - it really does work! I've been drinking it all autumn/winter every time I get a slight sign of a sniffle (and when ever I fancy it, it's very tasty!) and so far I haven't been sick once! Highly recommended for health and taste reasons!


So much better than I expected

I loved the idea of a flu fighting tea you could sip on a cold night even if I wasn't sure if I would love the taste. I love it. The eucalyptus unblocked my nose and I would say it's perfect for winter sipping whether you're feeling groggy or not.


Perfect for when I'm feeling run down and under the weather.

This is my go to tea, when I'm feeling run down, snotty and full of cold to make me feel better, feeling the warmth as you drink it from the chilli that I love each sip.


There is a cure!

Works better than your average cold and flu remedies. Incomparable in terms of taste. Will definitely be stocking up come flu season.


Trusty Fave

I always have a pack of this in the cupboard for whenever I feel the dreaded cold coming on. I prefer to drink this instead of lemsip because it’s just natural ingredients and genuinely I think it does relieve symptoms and help you nip the cold in the bud. And it also tastes really good!! Winter is coming...protect yourself!


It's OK

When I read the ingredients, I expected the cayenne and eucalyptus to have more flavor. Probably got my expectations up.


What the doctor recommended !

This is definitely medicinal. When you're feelin rough a great hot steaming mug to clear your mind. One to keep on standby and let it wrap you up cozy till youre well again. Not a tea party in the garden blend !



This stuff is great. I've had a lingering cold this winter but this tea (the Ginger Beer tea with ginger and lime) have helped masses and made it all a bit more bearable.


All the ingredients to kick the flu

I first tried this in on of the tea subscriptions and it is one of those, 'what's in it' drinks. It has do many levels of flavour but tastes so good. You feel a warmth as you drink it from the chilli that I love each sip.

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