A selection of 5 mini tins in curious matcha flavours


Curious Matcha Collection

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Curious Matcha Collection

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Curious Matcha Collection

A selection of 5 mini tins in curious matcha flavours


Each mini tin contains 2 -3 servings!



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lProduct Description

Our Curious Matcha Collection is made up of 5 mini tins of our most interesting matcha blends! We think this is a great way to find a new fave! It would also make a great gift for any matcha powder lover in your life!


Each tin contains 5g of Matcha and makes approximately 3 cups of lovely goodness!


The Curious Matcha Collection includes:


Apple & Pears Matcha - Zingy, pingy and refreshingly fruity!


Swampthing Matcha - Lavender, lime and kick-ass spirulina!


Ultra Violet Matcha - Classy, elegant and floral (Purple Rain fans you'll love this).


Mermaid Matcha - Magical, blue matcha infused with blue pea flowers


Chilli Kale Matcha - Think lightly spiced kale chips, in a matcha mug!



Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

Learn how to make matcha in 5 quick steps


Mix up your Matcha as a hot cup with honey or iced and milky, shot it, bake with it, put it in your yoghurt... for matcha recipe ideas see our tea recipe page.


Want to find out more about matcha and its benefits? Pop over to our UniversiTEA Blog, learn about matcha section.

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Curious Matcha Collection

Product Reviews


Based on 18 reviews


Colourful way to taste

Really great way to try the different matcha especially if your not sure. It was great you get a little bit of each matcha in the collection so you can try different methods.


Great way to try all these flavours!

If you are brand new to the world of matcha, this is the thing for you! You can try all these wonderful flavours before committing to a 30g or 100g tin


gteat way to try lots to see what you like

good way to try a variety of different flavours and see what you want more of


A Good Starter!

I had never tried making matcha at home before and I find this was an excellent starting point. Mermaid matcha is so creamy and I am DEFINITELY going to get a large tin of the chilli kale matcha when I can bring myself to use the tiny one up!


Matcha merry-go-round

Really exciting matcha flavours in this collection and if you think you don’t like matcha, you will after this! It’s a great way to explore new flavours. Chilli kale is my fave and I have bought the large tin of it now too. Mermaid matcha is delicious too, with a soft creaminess to its flavour. Ultraviolet matcha too is smooth and delicious- not sure which one to go for in the big tin next!


5 stars

Love these little pots of joy! Such fun trying all the new flavours, they all seem to be my favourite


Excellent Gift

I bought this for my friend's birthday as they are a matcha lover and it was perfect! We enjoyed all of the flavours together and Apples & Pears and Ultra Violet were our favourites. Such a nice way of trying a range of exciting flavours and the small tins still contain a fair amount of matcha powder.



Cute set of matcha flavours that give you chance to try a few flavours. It’s been a massive hit in our house since it arrived and I now have my favourites to get in full size tins.


I can't recommend this enough!!

I'm a big fan of Matcha overall but these new flavours are tasty.  It gave me the chance to try matcha that I wanted to buy and also ones I wouldn't have considered.


I wanted to try them all.

I have only this year been introduced to the world of matcha and at first trying a different brand I wasn't sold but after falling in love with Bird and Blend's Instagram I soon wanted to try ALL the matcha's. This little collection has been the perfect way to try a lot of them! I'm addicted to the sweetness of my mermaid matcha after a long day or Ultra violet! Now i'm very excited to try Black magic! I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to find their favourite....Read more


A new every day necessity!

I have been using the curious matcha selection to make iced tea every day since I received it. It's so easy to make and the flavours are lovely. I will be buying more of the swampthing for sure!



I'm a big fan of Matcha overall but these new flavours are tasty. Especially Mermaid, Ultra Violet and Chili Kale. Absolutly love them!


Magical matcha!

I bought these mini tins for my daughter, as she loved the salted caramel matcha that we bought a few weeks ago. A great way to try new flavours, shes loves them!


Matcha your expectations

I occasionally dip and dive into Matcha, so I like the opportunity to have a small collection. It's always great that the little recipe cards and recommendations come with the orders. I loved the UV Unicorn cold brew using my favourite Blue Raspberry and the brand new Ultra Violet Matcha. Really refreshing.

Loved the fact that you guys also came to my rescue and sent out pronto the mermaid matcha which had been mistakenly substituted with Ice Cream Matcha instead. Thank you.
...Read more


Good sample pack

I was personally only a fan of three of these, but friends and family managed to find use for the rest, and I think that's the point of a taster pack like this - my personal fave is the Swampthing!



These are super tasty and fab value for money. Swamp thing is my favourite, I think it tastes like green jelly - the best jelly.
My next favourite surprised me, Apple and pears, not too sweet and really fresh and fruity. I had it over ice and it was beautiful. Love you Bird and Brew x


I adore this

I absolutely loved this collection. It gave me the chance to try matcha that I wanted to buy and also ones I wouldn't have considered.
The mermaid and ultraviolet matcha I will definitely be buying in a larger tin. I've enjoyed the other flavours too but I have to be picky or I'll go into matcha bankruptcy.

Definitely recommend!


Match these matcha

I love the fact I can try a few different versions of matcha.
Not just once , as there’s enough for a few cups in each little pot, this ensures you can decide on which one you like best!
For me it’s chilli kale followed by ultra violet ( but it ain’t purple!!!)