Cococabana Cooler tea infused beer!


Cabana Cooler Fruit Pale Ale

Cabana Cooler Fruit Pale Ale

Cococabana Cooler tea infused beer!



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lProduct Description

The summer months may be coming to a close but it doesn’t end here for us at Bird & Blend! 


Introducing our most epic collab yet!

That's right Teabirds we have TEA-med up with Bristol based brewery Basement Beer to bring to you our ultimate collaboration: tea and beer! Oh my yes, you heard that right! 

After trying (yum) and testing endless possibilities with our vast amount of blends, we decided on our fruity summer fave, Cococabana Cooler. Packed full of mouthwatering tropical fruits such as pineapple and papaya, it pairs beautifully, creating a gorgeous, zesty pale ale, perfect for cooling down on a sunny day.  We are so pleased to announce that Cabana Cooler is now available online and in our Bristol store, hurry while stocks ( and the sun!) last! 


Best served cold with your feet up on a cloudless day! Cabana Cooler fruit tea pale has 3.6 % alcohol and was brewed by Basement Beer brewery in Bristol UK.


We spoke to Ben, one of the masterminds at Basement Beer on what’s their story and how the idea came about!


Who are Basement Beer?

Basement Beer was founded by James Caddy (owner of the Robin Hood in Bristol) and myself Ben! As with all good ideas, it began with a drunken conversation in the pub! 


Why did you settle on the name?

We began brewing in James’s basement, so the name ‘basement beer’ became a pet name for our first few batches of home brew. By the time we came to register the company and started brewing commercially, the name had already stuck!


Where is your brewery?

We are based at Meriton Foundry, a co-working space in St Philips Bristol UK.


What made you decide to delve into tea beers?

I loved the idea of exploring some alternative recipes and collaborations, and tea has an amazingly complex range of flavours to work with.


How would you sum up Cobana Cooler what tea did you use?

Cabana Cooler is made with Bird and Blends Cococabana Coola fruit blend, which is packed full of tropical fruits such as pineapple and papaya. The beer itself is very light, crisp and refreshing, resulting in an ice tea/pale ale combo, perfect for sunny afternoons! 


What is your favorite tea?

I do love an iced Peach and Elderflower Bellini! Oolong’s are delicious! 


What is your Bluebird day?

I find spending all day in the kitchen cooking up treats and dishes really relaxing!


Can we look forward to seeing more delicious experiments from you?!

Absolutely! We are currently working on Bird and Blends Rooibos blend Ginger Beer-Beer,  Cherry Bakewell cherry red ale and Bonfire Toffee as a Smoked toffee stout ready for the winter and Christmas of  course!


Check out their instagram here


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