Our new caffeine-free breakfast blend with a hint of honey - fab with milk!


Breakfast's Ready, Honey


Breakfast's Ready, Honey

Our new caffeine-free breakfast blend with a hint of honey - fab with milk!


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lProduct Description

Our fab new caffeine-free breakfast blend has been designed by Krisi, specifically for all those who love a great classic breakfast tea but want to avoid caffeine! A hint of honey & fab with milk.


Krisi's Top Tips:

If you like sugar in your tea you will probably that the slight honey note will mean that you wont need to add it - win win! But don’t worry honey isn’t a strong flavour at all, and that it comes from the honeybush so is totally vegan-friendly!


‘But I don’t like rooibos tea’ we hear you say! Krisi tells us why this is the only caffeine-free breakfast tea you need in your life & why it doesn’t taste anything like ‘rooibos’! Read more here.


Want to know why naturally caffeine free tea (like this one) is much better for you than ‘decaf’ tea? Find out here.


Want to try this blend as well as our 3 other Spring tea blends? Grab our Spring Tea 4 Pack!


Not a fan of Rooibos tea?

Not to fear, this rooibos blend doesn't taste like your typical rooibos it tastes just like a strong breakfast cuppa - just without the caffeine! Our rooibos teas are blended with herbs, spices to make them extra tasty which means even non-rooibos lovers like them!


Why not give rooibos a try and browse our collection!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Really smooth with a slight sweetness this is not overpowering. A lovely chilled out morning breakfast tea - Lisa.


Rooibos, honeybush, sunflower petals, natural flavouring.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4 mins - with or without milk


Check out our easy 'How to make a perfect cup of loose leaf tea' post on our UniversiTEA blog for more help with brewing tips and techniques. 

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Breakfast's Ready, Honey

Product Reviews


Based on 52 reviews


Gorgeous morning (or any time) tea

Didn’t think I’d be happy to swap my breakfast tea for this - but it’s gorgeous and in fact I’m enjoying it even more than “normal” breakfast tea. Love it!


It's such a lovely tea it made me want to review it

I don't often leave reviews for things, but this tea is so nice I had to! I'm still part-way through my first cup of it, but I had to share how great I think it is pretty much immediately. Finding a naturally-caffeine-free tea that tastes good can be a bit of a chore but the search, for me at least, is over. It's sweet, but not too sweet. Strong, but not too strong. I think I'm in love with a tea. Don't send help. I'm fine with being in love with this tea....Read more


Love it!

I love this tea! I've tried robioos tea before and didn't like it, but this is the perfect caffeine free tea for someone who (like me) could drink breakfast tea all day but doesn't want to be up all night.


Ditch the decaf!

A cup of tea before bed is a classic, but having to suffer through Decaf Teabags ruins the experience. Well this tea has made those teabags redundant! A wonderful drink to have before bed. Minimum caffeine, maximum taste!


Beautiful morning cuppa

I really enjoy a decaf tea first thing in the morning and in the evening and this has a lovely flavour much nicer than a plain decaf. Thank you for this delightful blend.


Good enough for Winnie (the Pooh)!



Bring on the morning

This tea is just what I needed. So exciting to have a decaf tea with such a good flavour. Definitely a new favourite tea.


Proper morning tea

I miss caffeine, used to drink full flavour tea. This makes me very happy. It's like normal tea but caffeine free. Perfect for a first thing in the morning brew!


Absolutely lovely!

I tried this as I needed a caffeine-free drink in the evenings. I absolutely love it - the honey tastes lovely in the blend. The tea itself is so smooth-bodied and it definitely helps me wind down after a busy day!



I love this tea!
Great hot as well as cold!


All day breakfast tea

Trying to reduce my caffeine intake at the moment, so this was the perfect remedy! A lovely, gentle, warming cup.


Ohhhh honnneyyyyy

I love this tea, it’s the perfect amount of sweet and great flavour


Satisfying, just like regular breakfast tea!

I don't know how Bird & Blend do it but they've created a blend that is just as full bodied and satisfying as regular breakfast tea. I have had to reduce the amount of caffeine I have due to health reasons but with this tea I hardly miss black breakfast tea!


not just for breakfast!

this was my first order from Bird & Blend I was so impressed the teas the flavour was lovely not just for breakfast I had it in the afternoon (hope I did not break the rules!!)

the packing was good and loved the sample and the handwritten note was a lovely touch

I will definitely be ordering again

*It is so important now more than ever to support businesses like this - they have a lovely story (that I took the time to read :)
...Read more


The Best Breakfast Tea!

A gentle flavour, but still somehow strong, with the gorgeous sweetness of honey...so great both with and without milk. I usually add a teaspoon of honey to my breakfast tea tea so this blend eliminates the need for this! One of my favourites for anytime of the day.


Love this as a caffeine free alternative to english breakfast

I recently stopped drinking any form of caffeine after midday, but what gets me is not being able to have black tea with an afternoon treat! This is brilliant for that and it goes surprisingly well with milk as well. Love it, thank you Bird&Blend!


The best caffeine-free breakfast tea

Sweet and indulgent but not too overwhelming.

The texture is different from what you would expect from a rooibos tea, making it more breakfast-tea like.

This affects the flavours positively, bringing up tannin-like tones that make this tea perfect for every morning, without the downside of caffeine.

Definitely recommend.

It has become one of my staples.
...Read more


Rooibos +

To me it tastes like roobibos tea but a bit stronger. Definitely doesn't taste like decaf breakfast tea, but it is a really nice cup that can hold up to milk and sugar.


Perfect caffeine free cuppa

Trying to drink more caffeine free, so gave this a go and it is possibly the best tea I've ever tasted. I started only having a cup in the morning but this has slowly become my go to tea anytime of the day. All you need is a splash of milk in it and it's the perfect caffeine free cuppa



This is one of my absolute favourite teas! The flavour is subtle but so relaxing. I have been drinking it so much that I have had to stock up! I would definitely recommend this tea whether you are a fan of breakfast tea or not. It's seriously the perfect tea at any time of the day too since it doesn't have caffeine :)

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