Award-winning, comforting earthy beetroot + warming winter fruits tea blend!

Originally launched Autumn 2015. 


Beet It

Fruit Infusion

Beet It

Award-winning, comforting earthy beetroot + warming winter fruits tea blend!

Originally launched Autumn 2015. 


14 Reviews

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lProduct Description

Beet It is our award winning Beetroot tea.. Beetroot in tea?! Seriously it works! Don't believe us? Well the judges said this: 'A true, earthy beetroot nose followed up by an inspired combination of ingredients that gives you a wonderful twist..and what could be more welcoming or comforting?'


This tea won big at this years Great Taste Awards. Read what the judges had to say and check out our other award winning teas here. 


The Guild of Fine Food Judges said:

'A true, earthy beetroot nose followed up by an inspired combination of ingredients that gives you a wonderful twist on borscht – and what could be more welcoming or comforting - except for a shot of vodka added to it. Fantastic outdoor winter drink – but why bother going outdoors? Original and well worth rewarding.'




Beetroot, apple pieces, orange peel, lemon peel, hibiscus, rosehip, natural flavour.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 100° water - 4+ mins - no milk

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Beet It

Product Reviews


Based on 14 reviews


Please keep this!

Beetroot tea is the BEST, unusual and hard to find. Please keep stocking it.


Can’ beat this beet tea

Absolutely delicious hot and cold brewed- refreshing and super tasty as well as full of beetroot antioxidant goodness. Lovely rich fruity and earthy taste with mellow sweetness. Hoping it comes back soon!


Definitely can't be "beet"

I think this might be my new favourite tea! The beetroot is subtle but definitely makes a difference and doesn't need any sweetness adding (though a dash of sugar is a nice treat in it).


Comforting and delicious without being too sweet

I was not at all sure that this would be my cup of tea but after the initial shock of the first sip which tasted different to anything I have previously tried, I love this - so warming and earthy for when I fancy a herbal tea with no milk that is not fruity.


Bird & Blend even creates their fruit blends amazingly well!

I’m definitely up for trying any B&B teas, even if this one looks like hibiscus overload. I used the entire amount I had, which is wayyy more than two teaspoons. This one steeped for four minutes at boiling too. Yikes. I hope the hibiscus doesn't kill me. The color of the cup is magenta! Or like a beet? I don’t think I’ve ever had beets before! The flavor is actually NICE for a fruity tea! Wow.. this isn’t even the first fruity tea from B&B I’ve actually loved. They are even good at making fruit blends! Somehow this isn’t as hibiscus as I thought it would be… just enough to give it some kick. Really, it does actually taste like beets. Then there is a sweetness from the apple. Then some citrus from the lemon/orange. This is balanced wonderfully. Really over two teaspoons wasn’t overdone after all. WOW again… I really like B&B’s fruit teas. I might even like the fruity teas more than the black tea base that they use, because it isn’t enough of a kick for me. If only all fruity blends could be this nice....Read more


Surprisingly good

I didn't think I liked beetroot but this subtle almost savoury drink is quite warming and delicious.


Great tea from a lovely company

Very nice fruity pink tea, the perfect present for my beetroot addicted girlfriend! Came with all sorts of extra goodies and information as well, will definitely be buying more in the future.


Yum beetroot

I had been looking for a good beetroot blend for a while and was bought this for christmas. Tastes great cold as well as hot.



I absolutely love drinking this at night after a long day. So comforting!


No words.

I have no words to describe how much I loved this tea. It warms me heart and all. It's my favourite by far!


Wonderfully weird

I love beetroot, but was quite surprised to see it as a tea. Trusting the art of brewtopia, I tentatively ordered a sample. It has since become my favourite If you've ever had apple and hibiscus together, imagine them wrapped in sweet earthiness. If you haven't, imagine drinking autumn - in the best possible way. Equally gorgeous hot or cold, everyone should beet it


Beetroot tea seemed like a

Beetroot tea seemed like a strange concept, and might well have been fit only as a once-off novelty item elsewhere. But, through some strange alchemy, the taste of this glorious vegetable has been transformed into my favourite tea so far. I love a bit of beet, but the flavour is subtle enough that I think anyone could enjoy it.


warm and comforting

I don't like a lot of fruit blends because I find them a bit weak/watery but this is really robust. I love beetroot because of its earthy sweet taste and it comes out really well. In this blend. Absolutely delicious!


Gorgous brew

Beetroot as a hot drink? i was sceptical too, until i tried this lovely, comforting brew. The apple, lemon and hibiscus round out the earthy beetroot. Highly recommended and very worthy of the Great Taste 2013 two stars award.