Top 4 space saving ideas for tea

Top 4 space saving ideas for tea
If you're like us, you have an ever-growing, overflowing tea cupboard that really does need a good ol' sort out! Here are our favourite ideas to pimp your tea cupboard - and most are upcycled too! Hopefully you'll end up with more space and you know what that means - more tea shopping to fill it up again! 

1. DIY Chalk Board Tea Tins

Such a simple idea + easy to execute: re-use old tea tins, coffee jars or even gravy or hot chocolate tubes to create your own chalk board tea containers. Using black board or chalk paint means you can easily write onto your jars which teas are within, then when you re-fill you can wipe and re-write. 
Don't forget if you bring your own jars or tins into one of our stores, we will fill them for you and give you a cheeky 10% off for helping to save on waste. 
This simple idea can be modified if you fancy being creative: You don't have to use blackboard paint: how about using a metalic spray from your local craft store instead? Or what about using your small tins and gluing a small magnet to the bottom and sticking them onto your fridge? 
Here are some instructions to create your own chalk tea tins from our tea fan + blogger clairebellemakes.
Pic below, and another handy help guide from The Budget Socialite.
DIY Blackboard Tea tin

2. Tea Test Tubes!

We love this idea so much! Not only are they so beautiful and chic, but test tubes contain the perfect teapot serving size - how easy + elegant!
A quick search on Ebay and you can grab yourself a beautiful wooden or modern acrylic test tube 
rack to add to your kitchen counter or desk. Then all you need are a few glass or plastic test tubes 
with corks (again eBay or you local homeware or craft store should have them) to fill up with your 
favourite teas and you have pretty, ready to go servings for your teapot. 
You could even have sugar servings or cinnamon for sprinkling on chai in some of the tubes too!  
Photo credit and some easy to follow instructions on The
Test Tube Tea

3. Salvaged Pallet Tea Shelf

Pallet furniture is so cheap and easy to throw together and, with a few simple tweaks, can look great in your home. We think these pallet ideas are just perfect for storing your tea tins out on display and perhaps also hanging your mugs from too? 
You can go as far as you like with this one - either cut a pallet in two and stick it up on the wall 
(simple!) or break apart the wood, sand, stain and varnish for a more polished look.  
We really like the idea of putting some vintage handles or knobs onto your pallet wood to create a 
beautiful mug rack!  
Pallet tea stoage

4. Hanging Mason Jars

This one might be our favourite so far - not only can you put your old jam jars to good use, but you can 
show off your pretty teas in the kitchen. This simple DIY project will allow you to add your jars under 
a cabinet or shelf in your home so that they are always at hand, but never in the way.  
Athough the picture is showing herbs you could do this project with tea for sure!  
Simple instructions and more pics showing how to make hanging mason jars at!
Mason Jar Storage

Here are some beautiful looking (and tasting) teas that would look great on display in your new space saving tea areas.

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