Tea: The Best Natural Mood Enhancer For Stress And More

Tea: The Best Natural Mood Enhancer For Stress And More

In England, we have our very own stereotype of having a cuppa to fix all manner of problems. It starts the day, it ends the day, we have one while our bestie blubs on our shoulder about his horrible break up, we have one after the interview we think went ok, and we have one whilst we wait for our favourite show to come on. It's ingrained in our culture, and there's method in the madness. Many types of tea have potent qualities as a natural mood enhancer, and have been used for centuries to alter, restore or balance our hormones and mood. 


Black Tea Like Monkey Chops

Monkey chops is a fun blend with Ceylon black tea and banana! All of our black tea blends are useful. Black tea is known for being a natural mood enhancer, having lots of nutrients, as well as being a helpful herb in depression and mood fluctuation. This great mood food also increases feelings of alertness. Grab the day by the horns!


White Tea Like All things nice

All things nice is a floral white tea blend with jasmine tea and rose. White tea is the least processed of all teas and therefore has the most antioxidants - perfect for cleansing the body. For moods, it's a natural anxiety reducer and stress reliever. 


Green Tea Like Mojitea

Mojitea is a green tea with peppermint and lime. Green tea is well known for improving concentration and alertness. Energy levels increase slowly without the toxins that other energy drinks can put into your body. 


Herbal Tea Like Pandalicious Liquorice

Pandalicious Liquorice is a blend of peppermint, chamomile, ginger and the liquorice root. These super herbs together make for quite a cooling blend, great for soothing spells of agitation, stress, and bad temper! If the Hulk drank this he wouldn't keep ruining his shirts.


Try One Of These Mood Enhancing Teas:

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