NEW Autumn Collection!

NEW Autumn Collection!

You guys have been LOVING our new 2020 Autumn blends and so have we! Have a read all about our brand new collection and some top tips for how we've been enjoying them here in the Nest.

Violet Cream

Dive into the chocolate box with cocoa, violet and warming vanilla notes!


Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea, cocoa nibs, mallow flowers, flavouring.

Violet Cream Latte

How we've been loving it: As a latte! Brew up a strong concentrate of your Violet Cream tea, pour it into the bottom of your mug and swirl in 1/2 tsp of cocoa powder, 1tsp brown sugar and a drop of vanilla extract. Top with hot, foamy oat milk and get cosy under a blanket!

Tea & Toast

Returning tea fave - fruity black tea with zesty, jammy notes!


Ingredients: Indian Assam black tea, Kenyan black tea, hibiscus, freeze-dried raspberry, apple pieces, rosehip, red cornflowers, natural flavouring.

Tea & Toast

Honeycomb Cookie Doh!

A truly heavenly combination of sweet honeycomb and creamy cookie dough - and naturally caffeine free!


Ingredients: Rooibos, cocoa nibs, sri lankan black tea, puffed quinoa, oat flowering tops, stevia, natural flavouring.

Honeycomb Cookie Doh

How we've been loving it: Cold brewed! Throw 6tsp of your tea leaves into 750ml cold oat milk and leave it to steep in the fridge overnight. Once brewed, use your tea-infused coconut milk for porridge, overnight oats, drink it like a milkshake or even heat it up as a pre-bedtime cosy cup!

Apple Cider Bobbing

A naturally caffeine free blend of sweet and spice - warming, juicy and sure to hit the spot!


Ingredients:Sumac berries, apple pieces, rosehip, hibiscus, freeze-dried apple, allspice berry, cinnamon, fermented lemon peel, natural flavouring.

Apple Cider Bobbing

How we've been loving it: As a cocktail! Turn it into a hot toddy by brewing a strong Apple Cider Bobbing concentrate, throw in a splash of hot apple juice, a shot of whiskey, a squeeze of fresh lemon and a drizzle of honey. Stir it all together with a cinnamon stick and snuggle up in front of the fire.

How have you been enjoying yours? We'd love to hear your fabulous Autumnal recipes! Tag us in your tea pics @birdandblendtea or drop us an email at [email protected]!

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