Chamomile Tea: The Tea That Helps You Sleep!

Chamomile Tea: The Tea That Helps You Sleep!

Why is Chamomile The Best Tea For Sleep?

If you are looking for the best natural sleep aid then Chamomile tea should be top of the list! Drinking chamomile tea for sleep has been proven to work by reducing anxiety whilst relaxing nerves and muscles. It is naturally decaffeinated and its relaxing effects act as a mild sedative make it perfect for bed time!

Chamomile Tea Sleep

For those of us who don't like defaulting to prescription drugs, Chamomile tea is a totally natural and safe option - that really works! Other herbs for sleep, that are great for aiding sleep are: Rose, Lavender and Valerian. It's also important address your lifestyle to remove all the obstacles to your sound night’s sleep. If you don't do this and just take a sleeping pill, sure you will be knocked out, but you won’t get a rested, relaxing night and wake up fully recharged and refreshed. A great benefit of Chamomile tea is that it helps you to tackle these bag habits and establish your own bed time routine.  

Our top tips for incorporating Chamomile Tea into your bedtime routine!

1. Put down all electronics at least 30 mins before bed - try leaving all of your gadgets in a different room (if you can) as it will leave your bedroom blue light free. (The blue light from tablets and phones is very stimulating and makes it hard to unwind)


2. Get ready for bed, take a soothing bath if you have time and put on your comfy-est, warmest PJs. When you're all cozy, pop the kettle on. 


3. Brew yourself up a nice cup of chamomile tea and sip on it whilst reading a good book!


4. Try and stick to your new relaxing bed time ritual by making time for yourself, enjoying getting into your snuggly warm PJs and bed, drinking warm soothing liquids with relaxing aromas from your favourite cup. The idea is to create such a relaxing routine that every time you start your mind and body has the memory of a relaxing, soothing nights sleep. 

Interested to learn more about Sleepytime Tea?

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