The Best Cold Brew Teas You Need To Know!

The Best Cold Brew Teas You Need To Know!

Our Top Cold Brew Teas!

Choosing one of our blends to cold brew in your cold brew tea bottle can be a tricky decision. So we've nailed down our top best cold brew teas you need to know!


If you are still unsure what cold brewing is, check out our *How To Make Cold Brew Tea The Right Way* blog!


Top Tip: Generally speaking, all of our fruit teas work great being cold brewed, the cold brewing process brings out an extra depth of flavour you don't always get with just hot water. 

Fruit Salad!

Cold Brew Tea - Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad is a perfect cold brew tea option! Refreshing and light with punchy assorted fruits, this refreshing cold brew would certainly satisfy your taste busds in the warm weather!

Deckchair Dreaming!

Cold Brew Tea - Deckchair Dreaming

A brand new favourite this summer! Deckchair Dreaming is another cold brew tea option which tingles taste-buds. The classic valerian and chamomile based cold brew is perfect for the warm British Summer!

Blue Raspberry!

Cold Brew Tea - Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry had to make the list! The ever-present Unicorn Fizz will forever be one of the greatest cold brew teas out there. With its colour changing wonderment with a drop of lemon to its delicious raspberry flavour (did we mention it contains whole raspberry pieces?!) this cold brew is perfect for the summer time!


Don't believe it changes colour? Watch our Blue Raspberry change colour here!

Strawberry Lemonade!

Cold Brew Tea - Strawberry Lemonade
We don't think you will come across a more fruity cold brew tea, an instinctive cold brew go to, this sweet and slightly sour blend is perfect for picnics and days out in the sunshine and great for kids! 
Top Tip: cold brew this with lemonade for a sweeter and delicious taste this will defo send you cold brew crazy!


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