Snowball Marshmallows

Snowball Marshmallows

Snowball is one of our favourite Christmassy teas and marshmallows are one of our favourite treats, so why not combine the two?! 


This recipe was created by Tea Rep: amyleecupoftea

What you will need:

For the marshmallows

For the topping

  • 50g icing sugar
  • 25g desiccated coconut
  • 200g melted milk chocolate

What to do:

The night before...

1. To start off you need to cold brew 5 perfect teaspoons of Snowball tea in 125ml coconut milk and another 3 perfect teaspoons in 150ml of water, leave them to steep in cold brew bottles in the fridge overnight.


The next day...

2. Put your Snowball infused coconut milk into a large mixing bowl and sprinkle the gelatin powder and pop that aside for the time being.


3. Pop your sugar and golden syrup into a saucepan along with the 150ml of Snowball tea which we cold steeped in water, put this on a low heat and stir the entire time its on the heat, once the sugar has dissolved you need to turn up the heat and bring it to a boil (it will start bubbling), use a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the mixture, once it hits 130C remove from the heat and allow to cool until the bubbling has stopped.


4. You will need a stand mix for this part or you will get very very sore arms. Start to whisk together the gelatin and coconut milk on a med speed and slowly start to pour in the syrup. I had to mix mine for about 25 mins before it started to form the right consistency, you want it to have a thick and sticky consistency so I suggest just keeping an eye on it and once becomes pale and stiff then you’re good to go.


5.  Use the coconut oil to grease a 20x20cm cake tin and scoop in all of the mixture.


6. Mix together the icing sugar and coconut then sprinkles half of that over the mixture and allow it to set until the marshmallow is firm - once set cut the marshmallows into whatever sized chunks you would like.


7. Melt the chocolate over a saucepan of boiling water then dip one half of each marshmallow into the chocolate, sprinkle the remaining coconut mixture over the chocolate and voila, you’re all done! (make sure to lick the bowl that you melted the chocolate in).


8. Enjoy!


Everything you need for this recipe:

Our IngenuiTEA tea brewers are perfect for making iced teas without any mess or if you want to leave your tea overnight to steep you can experiment with a Cold Brew Bottle. 

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