Rhubarb Tea: For Constipation, Sickness And Diarrhoea

Rhubarb Tea: For Constipation, Sickness And Diarrhoea

So many teas are saviours of stomach upset and we always talk about The Digester! But we've got another tea that we'd like to shine the spotlight on...Rhubarb Tea!


*PS: The tea featured in the picture is Rhubarb + Custard in our limited edition heart shaped tea bags.*


So How Can Rhubarb Tea Help My Stomach + Digestion?

When it comes to constipation, sickness and diarrhoea, and many other tummy pains this herb can really help neutralise and balance the digestive system. Rhubarb ( Rheum rhaponticum) This clever little vegetable plays a large role in the world of valuable medicinal properties. 


Rhubarb tea is very useful as a stomachic. This is a herbalism term for herbs which heal tummy troubles. More than just stomach upset, rhubarb is powerful in neutralising stomach acids and removing toxic waste from the bowels. This is what makes rhubarb tea phenomenal in healing serious digestion issues that come around from infection, constipation, sickness and diarrhoea. These "bugs" can really take over the system, the bodily processes outside of the digestive tract will also feel the burn. Rhubarb tea acts quickly with sickness and diarrhoea too, toning, stimulating and strengthening the intestines. 


You might be wondering why, with rhubarb, the word laxative is also common. Surely that means it would make sickness and diarrhoea worse? Not so, the beauty of natural medicine, (and drinking delicious, fun and nutritious tea) is that they contain natural antidotes and response mechanisms to nasty side effects of certain parts of a plant. This also means that certain herbs have the amazing ability to consider its path before working in the body.sickness and diarrhoea.


Can You Recommend A Good Rhubarb Tea?

A great question! Of course we have a great rhubarb tea recommendation for you, we wouldn't get your hopes up that much and then not let you get your hands on a tasty rhubarb tea! We have an award-winning rooibos tea called Rhubarb + Custard which (as you can imagine) tastes just like the childhood sweets! Not only that, but it is blended with real rhubarb pieces, so your tummy will thank us, but also your taste buds for this TEAlicious brew!


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