Our Eco-friendly Packaging

Our Eco-friendly Packaging

Our Eco-friendly Packaging

We recently sent out an eco-survey on all our socials and email and it made us realise that we don’t show off nearly enough when it comes to our eco-friendly products! With #plasticfreejuly coming to an end, we thought it’d be a good idea to tell you some of the things we do to reduce our plastic use. There is a big misconception with some of our products, with people thinking they’re plastic when they aren’t. While we do sell a small number of products with plastic packaging, we are looking to switch it up ASAP!


Only around 4% of tea drunk in the UK is loose tea, with the rest primarily being brewed in tea bags. There has been a lot of media attention recently surrounding the fact that the vast majority of tea bags sold around the world contains plastic! We’re proud to say that our tea bags are made from SOILON, a cornstarch-based material, making them 100% plastic free and fully compostable. This means you won’t be seeing our tea bags hanging around our seas and landfills. AND, just as importantly for our environment the production of SOILON creates significantly less carbon than plastics too! 

Eco-friendly Single Serve Tea Bags

Our Takeaway Cups & Gift Cartons

From what our survey suggests, we haven’t been talking about our takeaway cups and our gift carton packaging nearly enough! Now, why are these so special?


Let’s start with the takeaway cups and straws that you will be sipping one of our magical blends from! Whilst many think these are made from conventional plastic, they are actually made from a plant-based PLA material, once again derived from the trusty cornstarch! This makes them fully biodegradable while using less than half the fossil fuels and saves almost 80% of the number of greenhouse gases compared to conventional plastic!

Eco-friendly Takeaway cups, straws and gift packs

Now onto our gift cartons! These are arguably our most impressive packaging, with it being plastic free and on the verge of fully compostable all the way from the cardboard outer layer through to the tea bags inside (as mentioned previously). The plastic looking inner bag holding our tea has never actually been made from plastic! Although it wasn’t made from plastic before (it was made from renewable wood pulp), it wasn’t compostable.


But… it is now going to be made from NatureFlex, which is still made from wood pulp but IS 100% compostable! This is produced using sustainable forestry techniques and not only does is it compost, it actually enhances soil quality!

Eco-friendly Gift Cartons

What We Are Currently Working On...

A big problem at Bird & Blend has been our 20g and 50g refill pouches. Whilst there are compostable pouch options out there, every option we have tested so far has had a shelf life that is nowhere near the two years we need it to be to keep our tea fresh! We are currently testing a very promising newly released pouch, which will hopefully solve all our problems. If that fails, we will look further into recyclable options and more importantly, ensuring that the recyclable pouches actually get recycled, as they often don’t.


Also, we wanted to find a replacement for the plastic sample cups we use in store. So, we’ve made the switch to a more eco-friendly, paper option! 

What Are We Doing To Encourage Our Customers To Be Eco-friendly?

We reward you when you bring in your tea tins for refill or your own cups from home (including our e-coffee cups!). When you do one of these things, we give you 10% off your tea or drink! So, you can save money whilst saving the environment! What's not to love?! 

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