Lavender Tea - Insomnia, Relaxation And Anxiety

Lavender Tea - Insomnia, Relaxation And Anxiety

Today we’re going to talk about a herb with a marmite attitude but a plethora of lovely health benefits for one and all. Lavender (Lavandula Officinalis) Do you love it or do you hate it? 

What Are The Benefits Of Lavender Tea?

Lavender is a herb that's been popular and commonly used in Herbalism for centuries. Lavender tea is known predominantly for it's calming qualities, its aid in insomnia, relaxation, depression, anxiety and agitation, especially those which cause panic attacks or sleeplessness. This comes about from the heady, aromatic scent it gives off. Lavender is also an antispasmodic and antibacterial so it can be used to sooth insect bites and stings. 


Have you been having trouble sleeping over the last few months? You’re not alone. A lot of our communitea have told us they’re struggling to fall asleep in the evenings. We love to unwind with a mug of our soothing, sleepy time Dozy Girl. You can explore our sleep teas here!

Close up image of Dozy Girl blend, our soothing sleepy time tea

Try One Of Our Lavender Teas:

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