Honey & Tea - Our New Raw Honey Suppliers

Honey & Tea - Our New Raw Honey Suppliers

So, we've recently switched our honey supplier. We have been looking around for a while and we've finally found our perfect match! Co-Founder Mike has been working with Andrew and Marta, who are traditional beekeepers based in Edinburgh, to bring you our very own Bird & Blend raw honey.

About Andrew & Marta

Andrew and Marta are 3rd generation beekeepers, originally from Poland. Their family apiary was established by grandfather Witold back in the early 1950s and continues until now. His bee farm is based on the banks of Wisla river in a tiny village Kozielec next to regional preservation park.


Now based in Scotland, Andrew and Marta are incredibly proud of their Polish beekeeping roots, considering it part of their identity and are incredibly passionate about Polish honey, being renowned for its quality, purity and health benefits.


They produce a range of honey both in Edinburgh and in Poland and after months of pairings & tastings we have chosen two fantastic kinds that complement our teas perfectly: Wildflower and Linden.

A Little More About Andrew & Marta, Their Honey & Family Heritage

We are beekeepers from Edinburgh. We are the 3rd generation of beekeepers in our family. Our family tradition has started with our grandfather Witold back in the early 1950s in Poland and continues until now. His bee farm is based on the banks of Wisla river in a tiny village Kozielec next to regional preservation park. Polish beekeeping is a part of our identity and a nation proud. Polish honey is renowned for its quality, purity and health benefits. All of our honey is raw and unfiltered as nature intended it to bee ;) 
 Wildflower honey has a classical Winne the Phoo type of flavor with a strong floral note, it is quite sweet but well balanced as it not has been pasteurized. Bees gather nectar from the wildflowers on the banks of Wisla river in Kujavian Pomorian region and are kept away from any agriculture activity. it is a complex honey rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals and very beneficial to us.  

Linden honey has a very distinctive flavor and aroma. It has a slight greenish color and it is medium sweet. The trees are also known as basswood or Lime tree and can grow up to 100ft tall. The honey is a great match with brie or camembert cheese and renowned for its health benefits especially against sour through. It is one of the oldest known single origin types of honey. our bees gather the nectar from linden trees which grow around our apiary as well as along nearby river.

Raw Linden Honey Vs. Raw Wildflower Honey

Our Raw Linden Honey is a single origin nectar of Polish linden tree pollen. Light amber in colour with a woody & slightly astringent flavour.


Our Raw Wildflower Honey is a polyfloral honey, with a variety of pollens from meadow flowers & wild herbs. It has a classical ‘honey’ flavour & beautiful straw colour.


As you may know we only offer raw honey as the only sweetener in our stores & our Tea Mixologists are very excited to help you find the right one to compliment your next brew.

Our Thoughts On Being A Vegan-friendly Company & Selling/serving Honey

We are proud to be a vegan & vegetarian-friendly company with 100% of our products animal free & 99% of our blends being vegan-friendly (only two contain bee pollen). Our stores all offer three alternative plant milks and our Brighton store is plant milk only.


However, we choose to continue to serve & sell honey as we are very passionate about supporting small, ethical farms who are committed to preserving bees. We are proud of our founding ethics and these include being accessible to all & supporting positive change for the environment. We believe bees are essential to the future of our fragile flora & fauna so have chosen to continue to support this through our work with our independent producers.


In our stores we only offer honey as a sweetener as we are also committed to encouraging healthy living & natural, tasty teas so it is a big part of what we do. We have thousands of vegan customers and many vegan Teabirds work for us too and we love having conversations with them about why we choose to serve honey - 99% of them get what we do and why and love us all the more for it. We hope you do too.

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