Bird & Blend's Great Taste Award Wins 2016!

Bird & Blend's Great Taste Award Wins 2016!

Great Taste Awards 2016!

After a very successful year in 2013 when Bird & Blend Tea Co. scooped 14 stars at the Great Taste Awards we have once again entered these prestigious food and drink awards in 2016. We are super proud and excited to announce that we won another 14 stars! Check out our award winning teas below and shop them here...

The UK's first Herbfield blend: Meadow The UK's first Herbfield blend: Meadow

Bird & Blend's Award Winning Teas

Bird & Blend's Great British Cuppa:

We say: Bird & Blend's House Blend - The classic English Breakfast tea

Judges said: 'There are some brisk flavours and it does take milk well.

Cherry Bakewell:

We say: Cherry and almond white tea, a classic tea time treat!

Judges said: Big on the almond flavour, but some tartness comes through along with good sweetness. We also noted hibiscus flavours and also something of the white tea character.

Enchanted Narnia:

We say: Turkish delight tea with magical rose + creamy cocoa

Judgest said: Delightfully aromatic rosebuds, with a beautiful aspect. There's certainly a Turkish Delight element to the aroma of the infusion. On the palate, there is an interesting cacao note, which takes the edge off the powerful rose scent. The use of lemongrass is subtle, just brightening the sweet rose aromatics. We feel this is a successful and clever blend.

Rhubarb + Custard:

We say: Tangy rhubarb tea, creamy custard guilt free sweet treat

Judges said: Good dark amber colour as should be expected from a Rooibos. Innovative. Rhubarb flavour is good and a little 'custard ' flavour. Fairly balanced ,rounded and comforting.

Spiced Pumpkin Pie:

We say: Perhaps our most loved blend ever: Autumn Spiced Pumpkin Chai!

Judges said: The dry spice is of good quality. The tea comes through well, and the spice delivery is light and gentle. It's a well made chai, clean and with no astringency.


We say: Our Christmas best seller: Coconut, Chocolate + mini marshmallows!

Judges said: There are some good cacao notes. It develops nicely with a lengthier infusion.

Rooibos Matcha:

We say: All the super powers of matcha BUT with caffeine free rooibos tea!

Judges said: Cloudy amber infusion, good rooibos aromas on the nose. On the palate it is very good, gently tangy, straw and citrus notes. An honest, quality infusion, a very pleasant, comforting drink.

Rooibos Matcha Honey:

We say: Caffeine free, Rooibos flavoured matcha honey

Judges say: There's excellent Rooibos here and a good honey base.  An unusual product certainly but we feel it's a successful, harmonious blend that affords positive excitement of flavour.

Lemon Matcha Honey:

Judges say: There are clear flavours of vegetal matcha (with allied bitter notes on the finish) and good British 'eucalyptus' honey notes.  We rather like the preserved lemon notes, but do feel we have a somewhat 'confused' product here.  We feel it might work well as a Chai base, blended with milk.  On the basis of rather bright, distinctive flavours, even if rather startling as a concept, we are happy to raise this to star level.




Bird & Blend's Award Winning Wholesale Teas

Bird & Blend's Pure Collection - an exclusive range of single estate teas just for our wholesale customers - also won big at the awards this year. 


Winners were: 

Single Estate Assam

Lapsang Souchong

Jasmine Pearls

First Flush Darjeeling

Milk Oolong


If you are interested in stocking any of our teas, either to serve in your establishment or to sell retail please visit our wholesale page. 

tea recipes Check out our favourite tea recipes Visit our recipe page for great tea DIY ideas using our award winning teas... Tea Mixology Recipes

Grab our award winning teas to try at home from any of our stores or online:

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