Eco Eggs For Easter

Eco Eggs For Easter

Saving the planet one egg at a time...


OK, so that is a bit dramatic but you should already know that we are super passionate about the planet and being as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. One way in which we do this (and have done for the past three years) is by using Easter eggs that are made of cardboard instead of plastic! 


We call them 'naked' eggs because we don't use any wasteful outer packaging either, just finished with a card tag. Inside you will find a pack of our fully biodegradable and plastic free tea bags. Our tea bags are packaged in an outer cello wrap (to keep them fresh & food safe) but this wrap is also plastic free & full compostable. You can read more about our packaging eco credentials here.


But you may be surprised to know that we actually have our German pals to thank for these beautiful card eggs as they have been gifting them for hundreds of years! In fact, our large, tea-filled eggs are from the traditional German card egg factory ... which has been making these eggs for nearly 200 years! 


Traditionally they would spend the day together decorating their eggs, before choosing thoughtful small treats and gifts to place inside. Sometimes they would also hide the eggs and create a treasure egg hunt as a fun activity too!


What a fun tradition, right?! So although your card egg is made of cardboard, making them 100% recyclable we would LOVE to encourage you to see them as reusable instead... fill them with treats again next year, plan your own treasure hunts or use them as a cute keepsake once you'd finished the tea! 


What a fun alternative to your classic chocolate egg?!

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