Cold Brew Sticky Chai

Cold Brew Sticky Chai

Since everyone loved Sticky Chai so much, it's only right to share this recipe with you! We've taken our Sticky Chai to a whole new level- learn how to make cold brew Sticky's super easy and so tasty! But first:


What is Chai?

An Indian family tradition, Masala Chai or ‘spiced tea’ is a sweet but spiced black tea brewed in milk. The recipe is personal to each family, originally put together with spices from Grandma’s cupboard and passed down through the generations.


The best chai is always made from spices that have been freshly ground or chopped as the flavour, aroma and benefits are at their most potent. However, taking the time to prepare an authentic chai can pose a problem when trying to fit it into your busy daily routine.


What's so special about Sticky Chai?

When making our Sticky Chai tea we do all the hard work for you, blending and grinding fresh spices and even mixing in fresh ginger root for the most authentic chai experience.

Serves: 1

What you will need:

What to do:

1. You will need to add two Perfect Tea Spoons of Sticky Chai to every part of 500ml of milk (or water) to your Cold Brew Bottle. We like to use milk as it gives a deeper flavour and is more delicious.


2. Next, put your Cold Brew Bottle in the fridge and leave your tea to steep for 6 hours or overnight.


3. When it's ready, simply pour your cold brew Sticky Chai over ice (optional) in your glass. If you've cold brewed with water, top up your drink with milk and stir! If you wanted a sweeter tasting cold brew Sticky Chai, add a teaspoon of honey.


4. Enjoy!

Everything you need for this recipe:

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