ChariTEA: Together Co.

ChariTEA: Together Co.

As you know, we choose a new ChariTEA every quarter which is close to our hearts. They choose a blend that reflects them or what they support and we donate the profits of the blend to their cause!


This quarter (October 2020 to December 2020) our chosen ChariTEA is Together Co. - a charity that's tackling loneliness through connecting people, places and ideas to create a society that everyone can be part of.


The tea they have chosen as their blend is Vicky's Sponge Cake. This means every penny of profit from this blend from October to December will be donated to Together Co.!

Together Co.

We can all experience loneliness or social isolation. We can all lift each other out of it. It starts with connection.

Together Co. is Brighton and Hove’s loneliness charity and we create connections that change lives. We do this through our befriending, social prescribing and volunteering services in Brighton, Hove and beyond, and by sharing our ideas and expertise nationally. In a city of nearly 300,000, no one should be lonely or socially isolated. Together, we can make sure no one is.

The coronavirus crisis has brought huge challenges for our community. Many tell us they are feeling extremely alone, others are worried about money or other issues. No one should go through this alone, we are here to help.



Everybody should have somebody. We match people with people to create friendships that make life better. We’ve been doing so for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve seen loneliness eased and lives changed – all through the simple power of human connection.


Social Prescribing:

Social connections are key to our wellbeing. We help people find the people and places they need to be happier and healthier. This might be having someone you can chat to when you need to, or someone who helps you navigate local services that could benefit you. We connect and we care.



Together Co. has 5 years’ experience developing and providing an effective social prescribing service across all GP practices in Brighton and Hove, over 20 years’ experience running a much-loved befriending service, and just as much time supporting volunteers in these and other varied roles.

We have used this experience of setting up and delivering the social prescribing, befriending and volunteering services in Brighton and Hove to develop a set of tools to support other organisations to do similar. We do this through training, consultancy and working with you to tailor our models of delivery to your area.

We want to share our knowledge to ensure all communities can have the best connecting services available. We operate a sliding scale of charges to make sure our consultancy support is accessible to as many partners as possible.


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Find Together Co. on their social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @hellotogetherco

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